Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whats Happening This Week!

Where is the time going? Soon it will be Summer and then Christmas again. Isn't it supposed to be the end of the world *pfft*. Well if it is lets just keep reading all the M/M loving we can. So here's what causing a pants losing this week.

Monday- Its a little something I like to call 'Menage Monday'. I know its been awhile but I have a book to share and its kinky fun.

Tuesday- A short review for 'And Call Me in the Morning' by Willa Okati. I thought this was super cute. Another author first!

Wednesday- I take on a review for 'Dark Soul Vol.2' by Aleksandr Voinov. Another review that's gonna be tough to write.

Thursday- Review for Anne Brooke's 'The Heart's Greater Silence'. I think this one will be intense and stuff, packed into 31 pages.

Friday- A review for 'Something Different' by S.A Reid.

Also on Friday, its the launch of the Shameless Giveaway Hop. With over 90 blogs participating there is a prize out there for anyone. So stop by on Friday to win a little something here on Pants Off. Will post linky that that leads to all the other blogs as soon as it's live.

That's all folks! Have a happy and safe week my pants losing peeps.

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