Thursday, January 5, 2012

Modern Mythology by Penny K. Moss

Modern Mythology by Penny K. Moss
Storm Moon Press
Short Novella: 16,000 words
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

After years of studying the art and magic of runecrafting, Käde has returned to her family in the Southern Circle in time for the long, dark winter when the sun disappears for two months. While there, she has a chance to catch up with Räivä, a childhood friend she has not seen for many years. Just as new feelings between the two women begin to bloom, an accident with her hunting party leaves Räivä lost somewhere in the blizzard. Käde knows she has little time to find Räivä, but it will take more than just runecraft to rescue her, and Käde fears she doesn't have the strength.

Kade has returned home after spending years learning the magic of Runecrafting. She has been away from her family for several years, and it’s surreal to be home and somewhat nerve-racking. Kade chosen path of runecrafting is not something the family can easily accept, but she has the talent with her rune stones.

Being home means she can see Raiva again, a girl within their community that she had a crush on in her school days. The schoolgirl crush she had has developed into something more and Kade fears that Raiva will not the feel the same. When the women finally meet each other for the first time in years, the tension is crackling and Kade gets her answer in the name of a kill and a kiss.

Troubles arise when Raiva’s family and hunting party is attacked and left for dead and Raiva goes missing during a blizzard. It’s up to Kade and her rune stones to bring Raiva back and along way the way learn the way of magic. Though she has been studying, Kade realizes that there is much left to learn.

I liked the story, though I found myself confused at certain points. I had to go back and read again to understand certain scenes. It was like reading a story within a story, I don’t know if it made the reading experience better or a lot more confusing, though I did enjoy Kade’s voice. She lets us know from the get go, that she has no talent in storytelling. I also loved that it was magic and Kade ability with runecrafting that saved the day (read and you will understand why).

Overall, I did enjoy reading this short. I loved the detailed descriptions that weren’t too overwhelming. I appreciated how the author mixed in the romantic with the tragic; it created a perfect balance. I am happy Kade got her happy ending.

A Year of Firsts-
First ever F/F book and the author gave me a wonderful introduction to female loving, very beautifully done.

3 1/2 Pants Off

Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

*recieved from publisher*

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