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Second Chances by Jeff Erno

Second Chances by Jeff Erno
Novel: 251pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Harold Wainwright is dying. At seventy-nine, stricken with malignant cancer, the multi-billionaire insurance mogul realizes he has much to regret. In his youth he rejected his only true love and instead chose to advance his career and build his financial empire. Single-mindedly he focused upon achieving his own goals, looking out for number one, and acquiring a monetary fortune. Now he is alone, and all he has is his money…and his life is over.

Doctor Timothy Drayton has devoted his entire career to developing the technology to prolong human life. His entire focus has been upon creating a computer chip which can be implanted into the human brain, allowing human consciousness to be transferred from one human subject into the mind of another. Given optimum circumstances, he is confident that he can now preserve the consciousness of a dying patient into the mind of a donor subject with a surgically electronic implant.

Jesse Warren is eighteen years old, about to graduate from high school. He’s a track star, model student, and the typical all-American kid. One day while on his way to track practice, tragedy strikes, and Jesse is in a terrible accident, rendered comatose. When his family learns the horrifying news, they believe they’ve lost their son forever. Jesse Warren is pronounced “brain dead”.

When neurosurgeon and world-renowned brain specialist Dr. Timothy Drayton arrives, telling the Warren family that he has an advanced form of experimental treatment which can possibly save young Jesse and restore his consciousness, the Warrens are convinced that God has sent them a miracle. They are overjoyed the next morning when their son undergoes surgery and awakens as a new man. His memory loss, they are convinced, is amnesia due to his accident.

Jesse lives, and is given a second chance. Will his new life prove to be the impetus for significant change, or will the old Harold Wainwright emerge to make the same mistakes a second time around? Most of us are given but one chance to make the right choices, but imagine if… there were such things as Second Chances.

This story has a very interesting concept. Imagine being given the opportunity to have a second chance at life. That’s what’s been offered to billionaire Harold Wainwright who is dying of cancer.  The offer sounds too good to be true, but also too intriguing to pass up. Looking back at his life, he feels a lot of regret. Yes, he made a ton of money but money means nothing when you’re dead. He gave up his lover all for the pursuit of happiness. Pushed away those closer to him so that in his dying days, all he has is a house full of servants and an internal clock counting down the days until his last breath. So a second chance does sound good, but at what cost.

The Rebirthing Project was supposed to be about something good, giving those who deserved it a second chance at life. Not about peddling money from a rich A-hole billionaire, but Dr Drayton needs the money to continue his research. So he tosses pride out he window and offers the chance to Wainwright. Who would decline something so beautifully unbelievable, and with money being a no issue the deal is had good as done.

Young Jesse is at the top of his game, superstar at school and loved by all. Until he gets up close and personal with a truck which leaves him a completely brain dead, and the perfect donor for Harold Wainwright. The chance at a new life in a new body. Jesse forever gone and Harold now in his place inhabiting his body. For Jesse’s parents and friends all that will matter is that he awake and alive. Yet Jesse is gone, and his consciousness/soul replaced with that of Harold Wainwright.

I really enjoyed this book. I loved that the Harold now Jesse has to experience life anew. He was able to recognize the mistakes he made before, and made attempts to change it. Getting a second chance at love also sweetens the deal. There is so much contained within this novel, it would be crazy to give everything away, but there is a bit of mysterious intrigue going on and it makes the story come alive. The idea of being able to place someone’s consciousness into a new body is intriguing enough on its own. I think it was expressed well in the writing.

Jeff has a gift in writing about young lovers. The sweetness of the first time, yet he manages to mix in the heartache so effortlessly. I was surprised by Second Chances, and I fell in love with Jesse and Phillip (Jesse’s lover and best-friend) they were so sweet. This is quite unlike anything I have read of Mr Erno before and I can honestly say that I really like it. It still embodies all that we love about his writing.

I say... you give Second Chances a chance to capture your heart and fall in love. There is mystery, a cunning doctor and a bittersweet romance.

SideNote- That blurb is too freaking long! 

4 Pants Off
Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

*received from author/publisher*

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