Friday, January 20, 2012

Something Different by S.A Reid

Something Different by S.A Reid
Novella: 33,000 words
Rating: 4 out of 5

Tired of his life's endless grind, family man Michael Maguire allows himself one night of deviation. Desperate for something different, he seeks a prostitute in notorious Brixton Park. But Michael, searching for a girl out of PRETTY WOMAN, instead finds blue-eyed, beautiful James Campbell. 

Tempted and stirred in ways he never imagined, Michael embarks on a sexual adventure with a rent boy from London's infamous Bethnal Green. And what begins as a purely sexual exchange gradually transforms into something else, as James finds himself in desperate circumstances and Michael is moved to help. Drawn increasingly to James, Michael finds himself facing up to the iniquities in his daily life. And finally he must deal with a horror that threatens to explode Michael's safe, conventional existence.

Michael is tired of his boring life, his easily predictable life. He hardly gets along with his wife; she just spends her time bossing him around. He never does anything out of the norm, until he decides that he’s going to find a prostitute. Michael has never cheated on his wife before but there is something inside of him wanting to rebel. A conversation with a friend leads him to the decision that’s he’s heading to Brixton Park and getting some lady goods.

In Michael’s mind, he’s picturing the movie Pretty Woman, until realization hits. He might just be going into something he’s clearly not ready for, while contemplating his next move on a park bench he’s approached by a young man. Clearly, a man wasn’t a part of his plan but Michael can’t deny he finds the boy beautiful. A little flirting with James and they head to a hotel for a little play (and yeh Michael is not gay) or so he thinks.

James is a prostitute of circumstance. He gets no enjoyment from it; he fakes his way through it all. He thinks Michael will be sucker to con, sweet talk him and take his money. Alternatively, that’s the way he wanted it to go but Michael sees him. Calls him out on all his fake and expects nothing from him. They are an odd pair, and something deeper feelings develop surpassing what it was before. A man and his trick.

The story is hardly a Cinderella tale. James is a broken young man, sexually abused as a child and it has led him down some dark roads. He feels worthless and he hates himself. The only things he feels he is good at is being on his back and sometimes he even sucks at that. Michael is sweet and naïve character, but I find him sweet and just so darn optimistic.

Yes, there is cheating, and some highly questionable scenes but I still really liked this book. The writing is fun and the author took some chances, which really worked with the overall tone of the story.  I listed this book as one of my faves for 2012 so far, and it’s because it's just freaking fun. Some readers might not agree with the content, but I can understand it. Some folks are victims of their circumstance, sometimes there are loveless marriages, and sometimes you gotta risk it all for love. I am now a fan of S.A Reid and I look forward to her other books.

4 Pants Off
SideNote- Devoured this book in a matter of a few hours!

A Year Of Firsts- First book by author S.A Reid

*book provided by author*


  1. Ok you've convinced me. This has gone on the TBR pile.

    1. I really liked it! Nothing there that you haven't read before but its sweet and fun.


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