Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Happening This Week

I think this week is gonna be my craziest week yet. By crazy I mean I actually did some planning and stuff. Though, before I begin with my ranting and raving. I wanna give a big shout out to my new followers *SHOUT*, thanks for being a part of Pants Off and I hope to keep you interested.

So this week I am bringing back the old and introducing the new and all that jazz. I want Pants Off to be a blog that evolves and not just reviews books, because let me tell you a secret *whispering* "sometimes I don't wanna review". Yes take that world and go! I want to do other things on here and I want you to lose your pants to all kinds of various dirty things. So my friends here's whats causing a pants losing this week.

Monday- It's Chinese New Year and for those who might know this and for others who don't. I freaking love Asians, need the proof Check Here.  So in honour of this celebration I am talking about my fave Asian characters and books and all the things I love about Asians.

I am gonna do a little post called 'Jayden Says' because my son says the craziest things. He's five and he is an original, there is no one like him and he makes me laugh like no other. So I will be sharing the funiest things he said during the previous week ( they are freaking hilarious)

Tuesday- I am listing the upcuming books that I really want to read, or books that has just captured my interest or is placed on my Can't Wait to Read and Lose My Pants TBR.

I discuseed Author Week here and now I have all five authors and I will be placing up the poll up, and I need your help. So vote guys and help me pick my first author of the week.

Wednesday- It's Yaoi Time!! You, Me & Yaoi book is Affair by Shiuko Kano.

Thursday- I have an Author interview folks. My very first and its fantstic and I will keep the author as a surprise so stop by.

Friday- I am bringing it back! Fan-fiction Friday (older posts).

Review- Tailor Made by Josephine Myles ( my author crush)

Because Lee Joon makes me wanna break down in beautiful tears.
Have a happy and safe week folks! Don't forget to enter the for the Shamless Blog Hop prizes here! Keep it dirty folks ^_^


  1. The very first author I interviewed was Marie Sexton. I still can't believe she agreed to it, I still can't believe any of the other authors I interviewed agreed to it!

    Looking forward to an awesome week!

    1. I am really excited and happy with the interview. I was a little aprehensive to do it but it tunred out wonderful.

      Thanks Brie ^_^

  2. "I am listing the UPCUMING books that I really want to read"...I hope that was an intentional spelling of the word! It makes me even more interested in reading Tuesday's post about the books you can't wait to read! LOL!

    1. Kerry it was intentional. I have gotten so use to spelling it like that, I have to be bit wary now about where I end up putting that word (ahem, an exam) lol.

      So many awesome books I want to read, but there is so little time to to do it. I am hoping this post makes me read the books I have been dying to read.


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