Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Author Week: Entertaining the Delaneys by Anne Brooke

Entertaining The Delaneys (The Delaney #2) by Anne Brooke
Amber Allure
Short Stort: 41pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Since his initial encounter with the Delaney twins, Liam's thoughts have turned back to them time and time again, and he can't help hoping for another meeting. His chance happens one night when Mark Delaney rings and tells him to get into the car waiting outside. Liam does so at once, eager to see the twins again.

Once at the Delaney estate, Liam is at first overawed by the grandeur and style of his surroundings, the lush gardens replete with nude statues and the opulence of the residence itself, but seeing Mark, together with Johnny, focuses his mind on the entertainment to come. And it looks as if entertainment is certainly what's in store. A business associate of the Delaneys, Mr. Buchanan, has agreed a deal with the twins, and part of that deal is Liam himself!

How will the evening end, and will Liam be able to handle the salacious challenges thrown at him this time?

I have two words to describe this series so far ‘Sexy Fun’.  It’s like the best sexiest fun ever. It has two of my favourite things in the M/M genre, twins and a ménage. Though the twins aren't getting all up close and personal, it is still one hell of a freaking good time.

Liam is back with his crazy, and he cannot wait to see the Delaneys again. He is anticipating when they will call on him and he doesn’t have to wait long, because he is invited to their mansion for a little playtime. Liam is freaking out, because he doesn’t know how everything will go down on their turf.

It seems Liam must be the entertainment for the twin, and one of their business partners. That’s not too bad, because Liam is great at putting on a show, and what a show it is. Liam also expresses the things he wants, and proves he’s not just a body. He doesn’t mind being used, but it only has to be by the Delaneys. The Delaneys personality also starts to emerge in this story, and instead of being one entity they become Johnny and Mark.

The story is extended sex scene, but we learn a lot in this sex scene. There is so much that is explored and it has me anticipating the things to come. I want to know Mark more, the domineering and the one in control. Johnny the buffer between Liam and Mark, and he is incredibly sweet. I also want to know the story between Mark and Johnny. There has to be a story, their relationship is brotherly, yet it’s a bit more than that.

Once again, Anne proves her mastery at writing stories, and hot man loving. I want to know more about Liam and his two lovers. Will there be a relationship? On the other hand, will he just be a fuck they call, when he is needed? I am just anticipating more serious pants losing and murky waters ahead.

4 Pants Off



  1. I agree with your description of this series as "sexy fun". I just finished the first two books and can't wait to read the rest.

  2. They just keep getting sexier and stuff. I have Dating the Delaneys left to read, I just wonder how that's gonna go down.


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