Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Author Week: The Art Of The Delaneys by Anne Brooke

The Art of the Delaneys (Delaneys #3) by Anne Brooke
Amber Allure
Short Story: 46pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Liam is determined to prove to the Delaney twins that he’s more than just a good bed-partner for them. His chance to show them what he’s worth comes unexpectedly soon when his boss at the art gallery, Melissa, is asked by the Delaneys to take part in an art scam, and Liam agrees to help her.

When the Delaneys turn up with their henchmen on the night of the scam, Melissa and Liam are startled to discover that it will involve a painting by one of their best artists. Can Liam make sure the gallery doesn't get too seriously involved and keep the Delaneys satisfied, in the only way he knows how, at the same time?

Art of the Delaneys finally gives us some insight into the Delaneys dodgy business and a development in the relationship between the twins and Liam. It was great to see some sort of progression in the plot, offered up with hot sex.

Liam works at an art gallery, and his boss notices that he seems pretty out of it. A talk in the office has Liam expressing how he feels about the twins and where he wants the relationship to go. He also wants o impress them, and his boss gives him the opportunity to do so. It’s all about the shady art deal, and will Liam have the skills to impress them, and come out unscathed from his first taste of crime.

So some new developments in the relationship, and I am excited about things to come. I just have some small peeves. I love Liam’s voice, he is snarky and funny but I feel he’s becoming just too submissive. I hardly recognize him from the first book. Mark is also becoming too much with the ‘I am in charge’ crap. He’s really starting to grind my gears *hard*, I want a softer side from him.

Overall, another great addition to the series. The tone is light and sexy funny and it’s just a great way to spend a few minutes. The sex is hot, and I am just loving how it’s becoming more spicy. As I always say “3 is never a crowd”.

I recommend you read this series from the beginning, if you’re a fan of ménage fun.

4 Pants Off

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