Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coming Soon!!

  I just wanted to update you guys on all the fun things cumming up this month and next month on Pants Off. It's gonna be an awesmazing amount of fun with giveaways, theme week and my very first Author Week. So here is a preview and I hope to see you guys for all the fantabulous events.

Naughty Blog Hop!

Naughty After Dark blog hop is going down here on Pants Off. Be sure to stop by and win something naughty and get the info on where to get other naughty prizes.

Author Week!
My very first Author Week is coming up for February 27th- March 3rd. The featured author is Anne Brooke, and she will be stopping by for an interview and an awesmazing giveaway. So don't miss this one folks.

Interracial Love Week!

This one is my baby folks, and I am just all kinds of excited. This means so much to me, and I will be doing a post as to why. So I am spending a week featuring books with interracial couples, a bit of multiculturalism (I have some work ahead) and just the diversity that can be found in M/M. The world is made up of many races and I really enjoy reading about it *plus it's like super hot*.

*Any recommendations or ideas you would like to include in IRL week, please feel free to comment or email me. Authors if you want your book as a part of IRL week, as a giveaway or as reviewed book feel free to contact me. I want epic things for this 'EPIC'! Will have another post up closer to the IRL week.*


  1. So excited for interracial week!

    The Saturnalia Effect is an IR so let me talk to SMP about that. We also have a free short coming on Valentine's Day, "Harm Reduction," that's an MC/IR (Puerto Rican MC and West Indian). And we have a novel coming out from Loose Id in June, Hawaiian Gothic, which is the friends-to-lovers story of a Filipino-American MMA fighter/ex-army ranger and a native Hawaiian surfer.

    1. I was going to list Saturnalia in a post about some of my fave IR books. Harm Reduction sounds so exciting 'West Indian' how totally freaking cool. I am from a West Indian background so it would be awesome to read about that in a book.

      You guys rock with Filipino-American, my kids are Filipino-Jamaican-Canadian and some other stuff. So it's awesome to read about that in books. The world isn't just black/white and you and Heidi are definitely doing awesmazing things.

  2. These are the first books I thought of. In the Flesh, Flesh & Blood, and Blood & Tears by Ethan Stone and Amy Lane's It's Not Shakespeare. Also, KA Mitchell's No Souvenirs. Johnny Miles has quite a few, too. If you check out Amber Allure at Amber Quill Press, they have a whole genre section of interracial/multicultural books listed. Hope this helps you out. :)

    1. I have read In The Flesh but not the others in the series. I will check out It's Not Sakespeare and I just recently read No Souvenors ( I couldn't wait). Will check out Johnny Miles and the Amber Allure site.

      Thanks a Mil Lisa ^___^

  3. Looking forward hugely to spending the week with you - thank you! :)


  4. Aw man, my IR doesn't come out until March (Portuguese-American and Russian-American (Caucasian)).

    Out of the books I've read I can recommend "In the Shadow of a Hero", by Anna Mayle. There isn't a big focus on race though, but one of the MC's is a mix of a African-American and Caucasian...I think (dark skin and red hair!). It's a kick-ass book.

    There's also "Her Two Dads" by Ariel Tachna where one is Indian-American and the other a Mexican-American. The reviews on this one are very mixed. I liked it, but there were a few issues that could have been handled differently. I've read a whole lot of books and since I still remember this one so well says something.

    1. Thanks for the Recs Erica! IR isn't until March so maybe ur book will be out before the 17th ^__^


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