Sunday, July 1, 2012

BLOGOVERSARY: What's Happening This Month

Pants Off is Turning A Year

I cannot believe that July marks the one-year anniversary of Pants Off Reviews. It’s a great feeling to have stuck with something for this amount of time because I lose interest in things easily. When I started blogging I was not very good at it, and I never expected to have followers. I had been writing reviews on Goodreads, and then got invited to write for Three Dollar Bill Reviews. So I thought why not get my own blog going. I didn’t want a book review blog but when I thought about it what else would I blog about. Then Pants Off was born and the rest is as people say is history.

Some little facts about Pants Off,

So what will be causing a pants losing this month? A whole freaking load of stuff, I really hope you guys can join me.
  • July Pants Droppers
  • J.P Barnaby Little Boy Lost Blog Tour
  • Review- Sounds of Love by Susan Laine
  • Review- One Small Thing by Piper & M.J
  • Review- Acrobat by Mary Calmes
  • College Boys by Daisy Harris
  • Border Vol.1 by Kazuma Kodaka
  • Review- Equilibrium by Katey Hawthorne
  • Plus Many More
July 16-31 is Party Time

Join me for author stops and lots of giveaways. Everyday starting from the 16th and ending the 31st.

Party Atendees
  • Riptide Publishing
  • Josephine Myles
  • Tam Ames
  • Katey Hawthorne
  • Lashings of Sauce (UK Meet)
  • Storm Moon Press
  • Erica Pike
  • Blaine D Arden
  • And You, Plus Many More
*I hope to see all of you there, because you make doing this blog thing truly special. I love your comments and that you stop by to read. I appreciate it all! I hope to do a post just like this for many years to come.*

Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off!

~ wanna come to the party? Your guest post/giveaway/promo post is welcome. There is still time! ~


  1. Congrats Darien! Looks like you have some great stuff lined up. I am looking forward to the party. :D

    1. Thanks Lisa, it's gonna be a lot of fun.

  2. Ohhhh fanfiction Friday - I would have been so down for that. :)

    How can I join the parteeeee?


    1. Any way you want! Just let me know guest post/promo post

  3. Happy Canada Day... I meant Blogoversary!!! ;)I'm excited to party with you this month!!!

    1. Ha, you funny girl you. Thank you, I can't wait to party too.

  4. This is going to be fun ^.^ I did offer a donation already, didn't I? *Unsure* I've been so preoccupied lately.

    1. Yes, you did and thank you very much ^_^


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