Thursday, February 23, 2012

Few Are Chosen by Storm Grant

Few Are Chosen by Storm Grant
Riptide Publishing
Short Story: 46pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Sparks fly between virgin teenage demon hunters when the Chosen One turns out to be the Chosen . . . Two?

Apprentice warrior Blake St. Blake is the Chosen One, raised by an ancient order to defend the world against evil. Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least his neighborhood in downtown Detroit. When a dreaded reflux demon is sighted in a local cemetery, Blake is sent off to his very first battle, armed with his sword, his super-senses, his black leather duster, and a few well-rehearsed one-liners.

But another Chosen One gets in Blake’s way—an apprentice wizard named Shadow. While the boys argue about who’s the more chosen of the two, the demon escapes.

Blake wants to be angry, but it turns out he and Shadow have a lot in common. Besides, Shadow’s pretty cute, and Blake can’t help but think that the wizard’s skills (and hands and lips and other bits) might make the perfect complement to his. Blake and Shadow are brave enough to challenge the reflux demon in a second battle, but will they have the courage to tell each other how they feel?

With a name like Blake St. Blake, how the hell can I not love this cute and funny story. Blake the demon slayer out on his first mission to rid the world of evil, with his well practiced lines and sword skills (not that sword, get your mind out of the gutter). He is also the chosen one, destined to save the world, but first he has to figure out this whole demon-slaying thing.

When an acid spitting demon shows up at the cemetery, he is patrolling. Blake is ready to put his skills to the test. Just when he is ready to do a showdown, another demon slayer jumps out wielding an awesmazing glowing stick and possesses power Blake only wish he had. It kinda pisses him off but he can’t help noticing that Mr Glowing Stick is a hottie.

What Blake later learns is that he is not the only chosen, he is one of the chosen ones (talk about feeling less important) and glowing stick boy is called Shadow. It seems Blake and Shadow have a lot in common, and a mutual attraction might be one of them.

This little short was super hilarious, because Blake is super hilarious. He was trying so hard to be all tough demon slayer, but in the end, he is just a kid learning the ropes. Blake and Shadow are a pants losing waiting happen, their fumbling into the sexual domain was just super sweet. I do declare they will be one kick ass team.

Let me just say that this story has the potential to be one great series. I want to see Blake and Shadow again as they grow into their demon ass kicking ways. I want to see their mistakes and triumphs and I just know it will be one great hell of a time. These boys will make you smile, and Blake St. Blake is one heck of a scene-stealer.

‘I proclaim thee worthy to be read’

4 Pants Off


  1. You wrote: Blake is... trying so hard to be all tough demon slayer, but in the end, he is just a kid learning the ropes.

    Yes, that's it exactly! Whew. I wasn't sure that was coming across. Thanks for the review and the reassurance. ;-D

    One quick question, though. At the top and tags, you say 4/5, but in the middle with the little icons, you say 3/5. Which can I shout to the world?

    Thanks so much for the review.
    ~ Storm/Gina

    1. Hi,

      The rating at the bottom is the heat rating, the pants off part of it. The rating at the top is the overall book rating. I have to figure out a way to not confuse people.

      Really liked this, I hope to read about these boys again.


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