Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interracial Love Week

So it's just a few more weeks until IRL, and I am just sick with anticipation and excitement. This is so super important to me, that I am treating it like a baby, and planning the shit out of it.

The interracial trope is one of my all time faves, and not because its hellaciously hot but also because its incredibly beautiful. I have my own personal stories when it comes to this topic, and I will share it in a post during IRL week. Lets just say I was living in a dreamland where I thought the color of my skin didn't matter when it came to liking a boy, until one day in high school I was cut down to size (one of my worst days ever). I will also share about the people in my life that have been affected.

Its not all about the sad and struggles here folks, this week is a celebration of the awesomeness that is interracial love. I have looked at many books with interracial lead characters, and most of the stories does not focus on the race aspect of it all. In my heart  that makes me happy, because love shouldn't be about what ethnicity you are, and how dark or light your skin color might be. It should just be about love, just like it should be for everything!

So I am giving a sneak peek of some of the books I will be reading and reviewing, and who knows might also be giving ^__~

Breakfast at Tiffany's by Lynn Lorenz

 Foundation of Love by Scotty Cade

Rushing Towards Perfection by Mya

Plus so much freaking more! Jesu, I am freaking excited.

*Authors if you would like your books featured to be reviewed and/as/or giveaway? Please feel free to contact me and lets get it done. Any recommendations or requests are always welcome, so let me know.*

Stay Tuned Folks!!


  1. I loved Breakfast at Tiffany's. A really good short I read/reviewed recently was Hot Merchandise by JM Snyder, I thought it was really well done, just a little short that tackled a few issues and was hot too.

    Another duo of shorts are those by PD Singer called On Call: Afternoon and On Call: Dancing, a vet and a doctor.

    Sounds like a fun week.

    1. Thanks Tam! I will look into Hot Merchandise and the PD Singer books.

      I am psyched about it!!

    2. Oh I forgot one. Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen. Fire fighters ballroom dancing. :-)


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