Friday, March 16, 2012

IRL Week: Cheek to Cheek by Chris Owen

Cheek to Cheek (911 #2) by Chris Owen
Torquere Press
Novella: 121pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

If you loved Chris Owen's firefighters in 911, you'll love Cheek to Cheek! Firefighters Will and Mallory meet at a quiet gay bar, and they're both willing to keep things anonymous and impersonal. Mal has issues with his soon to be ex, and Will isn't willing to push. That plan works out fine until they discover that they'll be working at the same fire station, where Will is set to replace injured firefighter Drew.

Their agreement to keep their relationship easy and no-pressure, just a physical thing, soon go out the window. Everything in their lives seems to become a test, from old loves to meddling family, to the brave men they risk their lives with. The one thing that seems to make sense is the dance they share, both literal and figurative. Can Will and Mal find a way to reconcile the life they think they want with the need they have to be together, or will the dance be over before it really begins?

The appearance of much-loved characters from the popular 911 is an added bonus for Chris Owen fans.

It comes to this, I really either like a Chris Owen book or it’s just ‘Meh’. This one falls right smack in the middle. I really liked the story and the pacing, but something wasn’t all there for me. Usually it’s the too much sex issue I find in the books I read by the author. The sex became apart of this story, instead of being too much in the story (if that makes sense).

Mallory is finally a single man, after him and his girlfriend of many years decide to call it quits. Mallory hasn’t been with a man in years, being bi-sexual and all, so hanging at a gay bar he hopes to find a quick hook-up. Then he meets Will, and a night of mind-blowing sex is just what the doctor ordered for both men.

Awkwardness walks in, when Will starts working at the same fire station where Mallory works. Talk about serendipity. It was supposed to be one night, but having Will in close approximation is doing all sorts of crazy things to Mal’s body. Seems one night won’t be enough for him.

Its hard trying to fight your feelings when you feel strongly for a person, and Mal is desperately trying to keep Will in the ‘fuck buddy’ zone. However, they have so much in common, like dancing, and the sex is spine melting. How can a man fight all of that? He cant, he just can’t.

As I said, I liked this one. I loved that the author found a place for Mal’s ex-girlfriend and made her likable in her pain that Mal found someone. I liked Mal and Will together; they had some incredible sexy moments. There were no issues with Will being black, and Mal being white. It was just white noise, and I really liked that. Race should not be an issue when it comes to love.

I loved the dancing! Imagine two very sexy manly men working it out on the dance floor (yep, it’s super sexy).

3 1/2 Pants Off


  1. How interesting, I don't remember that one was white and one was black. I just remember that I liked the characters and the story. I guess this is what we should strive for in reality, colorblindness.

    1. I wouldn't have noticed either if it wasnt mentioned breifly by the fire chief at the station. As I said it was like white noise, not noticable at all. As it should be.


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