Thursday, March 15, 2012

IRL Week: Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee

Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee
Novella: 139pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

When Simon walks into Jay's bar for a drink, he never expects to find himself having an afternoon quickie in the back room. Although he's very attracted to the blond, blue-eyed bartender, he's never experienced a real relationship with another man and isn't ready for the commitment that it would entail. 

Jay is ready for Mr. Right, and when he meets hot, hunky Simon, he believes he's found his match. But convincing the reserved man that their brief encounter could evolve into something more will take all his considerable persuasive skills. Jay is blue collar, Irish-American. Simon is an African American from a society family. Can two men from such different backgrounds find common ground? Undeniable magnetism draws them together, but only love can keep them that way. 

I am a fan of the opposites attract, and Simon and Jay couldn’t be more opposite. Simon the upstanding African-American with his society family and his job in advertising. Jay the Irish-American bartender, from the Surbs, and the only thing upstanding about him is when he’s hard (oh, snap I just went there).

When Simon walks into Jay’s bar after a meeting with a client, he’s just looking to unwind with a drink. What he never expects is the flirty bartender, and the instant attraction. Seems alcohol won’t be the only stress relief for Simon, when Jay takes him to the back and swallows him whole. It was supposed to be a one-time hook up, but Simon can’t get blue eyed Jay out of his mind. Simon isn’t looking for a relationship, but he can’t deny attraction for Jay, so he calls him knowing that his life is about to change.

In the beginning, it’s just casual hook-ups but Jay finds himself falling for Simon, but Simon is so deeply closeted that him and the boogieman hang out. Jay came out to his family and everyone a long time ago, not everyone was on par with his orientation but he was not gonna hide. He’s unsure if he can hide for Simon, but knows that the weight would be lighter if Simon accepts who he is.

It becomes a battle of wills, Jay trying to point the positive in coming clean, and Simon pointing out he could lose everything if he does. The guys do start a beautiful relationship and it would have been a smooth book, but family drama from both side of the spectrum provides the right amount of angst.

There is also a bit of racial issues, with Jay’s family being Irish-American. His brother doesn’t quite accept that he’s gay, but also brought home his black boyfriend. Shit became real in that part of the book, and I wanted Simon to be a bit more vocal about being called the N-word. I’m just saying, when you past that boundary, bitch deserves a smack down.

Overall, I really liked this book. Jay and Simon were super sweet, it’s a romance and if you like romance? Then you will like this book. The writing is great, I really do enjoy the author’s writing style, and as a fan of her historicals it won’t be the last time I pick up some Bonnie Dee.

4 Pants Off
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  1. I have enjoyed reading some of Bonnie Dee's historicals, but I didn't know about this book. Sounds like something I would like to read. :)

    1. I also love her historicals. It was a good read, I enjoyed like her writing style and characters.

  2. This one is on my wish list. Really, I keep a little notebook and pen by my computer and jot down titles to buy.

    1. Me too nancy. Or I would get confused, I have several list and shelves on like all my devices, so I know what I really want and the stuff I can wait for.

  3. Oh, I've got to get this one - sounds great! :)

    1. It was a good read. Hot man loving (yum)


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