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IRL Week Giveaways!!

I have Prizes, awesmazing Prizes. I think this will be the first time I have given away so many books in one giveaway. I Like It!! So because theres a good amount of books, I am doing it in one post, so you dont have to go all over commenting and trying to find what books are up for grabs. Its a one stop shop up here on Pants Off.

I would like to say, thanks to all the amazing authors who have donated books. Thanks for putting up with my craziness ^_^. And folks, make sure to read all the rules before entering (there isn't much) and follow them. You can read them at the end of the post, like always.

So Get Ready For Prizes That Causes Pants Losing...

No Good Deed ( I love No Good Deed) & Breakfast at Tiffany's by Lynn Lorenz

They say no good deed goes unpunished. Two men are about to find out if that old saying is true...

Captain Daniel Chan works for the Riceland Police Department. It’s a small town in Texas and he’s the only Chinese American on the force. He considers himself bisexual, but when he meets Mark Montgomery, a gay man, he falls hard. But being with Mark means he’ll have to commit to being gay. Mark won’t have it any other way.

Mark’s a man with a terrible past and he’s in hiding from it and the man who tried to kill him so long ago. When he meets Dan, it’s a chance at healing old wounds and finding a new life. But it also means exposure, and that’s something Mark’s avoided for years. When he’s thrust onto center stage after a shooting, he turns to Dan for protection.

But even in a small town, things can get complicated. Political maneuvering, shady real estate deals, and men’s ambitions all collide, catching Dan and Mark in the middle. Will the forces they encounter destroy them and their newfound love, or will it bind them together?

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Scott came to New Orleans the summer he fled the bigotry of a rural Louisiana town. Tony was born and raised in the City that Care Forgot and lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Now, Scott lives in a homeless shelter and has a job at Tiffany’s Waffles ’n’ Wings, a 24-hour restaurant on the edge of the French Quarter, while Tony is squatting in an abandoned house.

When Tony, desperate for cash, decides to rob someone, along comes Scott. But in the dark alleyway, the younger man stirs something long dormant in Tony. He rescues Scott from being beaten by another thief, then grabs the money for himself and runs. Ashamed of his actions, however, Tony decides to return the money. He follows Scott to work, and the two fragile souls begin a tenuous relationship.

The men fill in what each is missing and what each desires in the other. Scott leaves the shelter to try living with Tony, finding a place to belong and someone who cares for him, and Tony, who has something to prove to himself, longs to be a better man for Scott.

Together, the two kindred spirits try to create a life together in a city on the edge of a comeback... 

The Saturnalia Effect by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane
Troy Khoury is serving a life sentence in Westgate prison for a robbery gone wrong. He just wants to keep his head down and do his time, but he runs afoul of an old-timer named Franchetti. Franchetti offers Troy a simple choice: kill fellow inmate Daniel Amato by Christmas in exchange for protection, or be tortured and raped to death by Franchetti's heavy, Pliers. Troy's no killer, though, and Daniel is as gentle and calm as can be. But a prison is a small place, and time is running out. Troy must decide how much he's willing to sacrifice before the choice is taken from him. 

Yakuza Pride by H J Brues (Kindle Copy)
When yakuza underboss Shigure Matsunaga meets Kenneth Harris at a boring social event, he’s surprised to find himself attracted to the blond gaijin with the mismatched eyes. Shigure is even more pleased when he discovers Ken not only speaks Japanese fluently, but is fluent in Japan's ways, even the more violent of the martial arts. Ken’s expertise at kendo is not his most striking quality—it’s the passion beneath his quiet, almost fragile exterior that ignites Shigure's lust, and the two come together as explosively as they spar.

Shigure is a dangerous man in a dangerous position. He’s been trying to keep the peace with the Daito-kai—Shigure's hated rivals—but the danger on the streets is escalating, threatening those Shigure most wants to protect. He may claim to love his gaijin, but before he can keep Ken safe, Shigure will have to overcome hostility from his people, a hidden enemy, and, the most insidious opponent of all, his own hard-won pride.

Drawn Together by Z.A Maxfield (the book that started it all for me)
Rory might just be a simple southern boy from St. Antoine's Parish Louisiana, but he knows what he wants. He's been in love with the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane, since junior high school. And now he has the chance to meet her. He's going to chuck everything and travel 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach to tell her, and no one and nothing is going to stand in his way. Ran Yamane is not a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. He's trusted fans in the past and been tragically wrong. So when he meets Rory he's understandably wary, but resigned. What he's not prepared for is his magnetic attraction to the young man, Rory's apparent willingness to overlook his gender, and the fact that their lives are both thrown into chaos when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge. *My Treat*

Wanting by M L Rhodes
It started with one kiss. Which led to another. And another. And then to a mind-blowing night of intimacy Jeremy Reynolds can’t forget. He can’t stop thinking about the gorgeous, smart, compassionate man who tilted his world. Can’t stop seeing warm, sexy eyes gazing at him with breath-stealing intensity.

Jeremy tries to tell himself to let the incident go, move on, and chalk it up to a life experience. After all, what transpired between him and his best friend and roommate, Ben Cross, can never happen again. Ben is gay, and Jeremy...isn’t. At least he’s never thought he was before. But now he’s torn and confused and not sure what the night with Ben meant—for either of them. Already stressed about final exams before the holidays and his difficult family situation, Jeremy doesn’t know how to deal with the conflicting feelings he’s having. And the one person he’s always been able to talk to about everything, and who’s always been there for him, is the very person he’s been avoiding for the past week because he doesn’t know how to face him after waking up in his bed.

Afraid he might have already screwed up his and Ben’s friendship beyond repair, Jeremy is haunted even more by the backlash he could face if he admits to Ben, or even to himself, how much the night they spent together really meant to him.

And how much he still wants Ben even now...

Undeniable Magnetism by Bonnie Dee
When Simon walks into Jay's bar for a drink, he never expects to find himself having an afternoon quickie in the back room. Although he's very attracted to the blond, blue-eyed bartender, he's never experienced a real relationship with another man and isn't ready for the commitment that it would entail. Jay is ready for Mr. Right, and when he meets hot, hunky Simon, he believes he's found his match. But convincing the reserved man that their brief encounter could evolve into something more will take all his considerable persuasive skills. Jay is blue collar, Irish-American. Simon is an African American from a society family. Can two men from such different backgrounds find common ground? Undeniable magnetism draws them together, but only love can keep them that way. [Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

The Deets...
So the prizes are fantabulous and makes me wanna go *squee*. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, and provide your email details in Rafflecopter Box and follow the instructions for extra entries.

- Giveaway runs until 12:01am EST, Tuesday March 20th
- No comment NO Entry! I will be checking because its unfair to someone who actually commented.
- First winner picked will be able to pick from the books above, and the second winner will be able to pick from the remaining books and so on and so forth. Till they are all GONE!
- Winner has 24HRS to reply to my email or another will be chosen. So get back to me as quickly as you can.
- By chance if the last winner to choose has already read the remaining book. They will be able to pick a book of their choice (cus I am awesome).

*That`s it folks. Have fun and good luck! Thanks again to all the wonderful authors, you have made this truly spectacular* 

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  1. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!! These books sound excellent!!

    1. This is my HELL YEAH to interracial love!

  2. HELL YEAH to interracial love.
    Heck, why not include interspecies love (sci-fi genre) and shifter love while we're at it :)

  3. Great giveaway Darien! This is one of my favorite tropes so I have a ton of favorite books. But I'd go with Drawn Together, followed closely by Ethan Stone's Flesh series.

  4. Fabulous - looking forward to a great week! :)

  5. Great giveaway!
    I have read most of these books but The Saturnalia Effect and No Good Deed are still in my to-read list, hope I'm a lucky winner!

  6. Nice! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!


    (for some reason I can't comment under my google account but can follow you under it)

    1. Cus google sucks sometimes! I know its you though Jason ^_^

  7. Read a few of them, but still a few in there on my need to save up and buy list :)
    Awesome giveaway :)

    1. and just noticed the bit about favourite inter-racial love book. Erm, might have to go with the hell yeah approach - I've read a few books like that and loved them, but I tend to be sort of oblivious to the difference unless it's really obvious (like yakuza pride which had big cultural differences). My ex-husband is part Bangladeshi; all it meant to me was that he had a much nicer skin colour than my own horribly pale variety

  8. I have already read The Saturnalia Effect, but the other books look great too! ^^

  9. Wow! What a fantastic selection of books :)

  10. Hell Yeah to interracial love! Great selection!

  11. I loved Drawn Together and Yakuza Pride. A few more favorites of mine are Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford and the Flesh series by Ethan Stone.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Those all look like such awesome books. ^_^ Woot for interracial love. There needs to be more of that out there.

  13. Had a brain fart so I deleted and posting a new one, lol!

    Interracial love is awe inspiring!

  14. Both Lorenz books are awesome but then everything she writes is. Read Drawn Together when it first came out and loved it. The theme this week is a very good idea. Things, racially speaking, are much better now than they were in the 50s and 60s when I was growing up. I remember the "whites only" signs and not really understanding. Glad those are gone but still need to work on some peoples attitude.

    1. Oopsie, forgot to say Hell Yeah to IRL

  15. Awesome! I already have two of those books, but I'm signing up anyway (yes, I read the rules, and you *are* awesome).

  16. Bah! Thought I'd be clever and leave a comment *before* I signed up. Favorite book? Hmm... Probably Left of Center by Zathyn Priest. It's brilliant ^.^

  17. What a great giveaway and all these books look really good!

  18. my favorite book in this list is Drawn Together by Z.A Maxfield

  19. I cannot say that I have a favorite. Perhaps when I write the story of my partners romance and mine. Hell Yeah to IR Love!

    1. My email address is in the rafflecopter form

  20. Hell yeah to IRL! These look awesome.

  21. Hi! Great giveaway amazing authors and titles...Thank you for hosting.

  22. IR relationships reprazent! *fist bump* I totally want in on this, if that's cool.

    kate AT kateyhawthorne DOT com

  23. Oooh~
    Wow, wow!!
    Thank you so very much for the awesome contest/giveaway! So exciting! oh yeah, "Hell Yeah" to interracial love! lol...

    Please count me in too~~


  24. Wow!!! What a great giveaway!!! Thanks so much!!!! Looks so great!!

  25. There are definitely a couple of authors there I like, so Hell Yeah to IRL. Great give away.


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