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Grade-A-Sex Deal by Erica Pike

Grade-A-Sex Deal by Erica Pike
No Boundaries Press
Short Story: 21pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

When College professor Daniel Corrigan was brutally kicked out of his home after revealing his true sexuality to his wife, he had to make a whole new life for himself. For the first time in two years Daniel’s main heartache isn’t the none-existent relationship with his two kids, but the fact that the grade-A-sex deal with his student Troy Anderson is about to expire. After a whole semester of office fun, Troy has managed to squeeze his way into the core of Daniel’s soul. Daniel, however, is positive he’s nothing more to Troy than a teacher who can modify a grade.

A Grade-A-Sex Deal is the second of five in a series of short stories.

Note: You do not have to read College Fun and Gays #1 to be able to read this one.

I don’t know whether I really like this one, or completely dislike it. I love Erica Pike's writing, she's quickly becoming a fave author of mine; and so I was a little disappointed in this one. It could be because the story has so much going on, and not enough time to explore them in such a few pages.

Daniel was married and living a lie, but he couldn’t hide from whom he truly was. So he decided to come clean to a wife he thought of his best-friend, and hope that somehow his children would understand. Well it doesn’t go according to plan. Daniel loses his job because of prejudices, loses his best-friend, and his children. With a brother to help pick up the pieces, Daniel has start over and live freely, though not happily.

Daniel is now a teacher, and with all honesty, he doesn’t really enjoy his job. A perk does come in the form of the sex deal he has with a selected few students (Say What!) He gets to fuck em and they get a good grade. Thank the lord it’s not a grade that would make them a doctor or something. Otherwise, we would have a lot of dead folks. He has one student he has the deal with, Troy Anderson and Troy is becoming more than a little office screw. He’s starting to mean something to Daniel and that scares him, besides what hot sexy young thing is gonna want a middle aged man whose up to his eyeballs in alimony and child support?

When the men get together it’s hellaciously hot and sinfully sexy but it’s also very trepid. They both are keeping their feelings back and making it all about sex, and clearly it’s become a lot more. There is some added drama thrown in from Daniel’s son who just comes out of nowhere with his no good comments (irked me), which leaves Daniel very depressed and because of that he works his way into your heart.

I am on the fence for this one, do I like it, dislike it? I believe it’s a mix of both. Its way too short a story, with all issues the MC faces. I wanted more from Daniel, and I don’t really know Troy enough to form an opinion. The writing is superb, because miss Pike knows how to write, but I just can’t fall in love with this one. I would love to see Daniel and Troy again. Their story has just begun, and I would love to read about where their love will take them.

3 1/2 Pants Off


  1. I've enjoyed other stories by this author but I have to admit this one didn't work for me. I found it hard to be sympathetic about Daniel's situation when he was such a sleaze. The whole sleeping with your students for good grades thing just left me with a sour taste, especially as he shows no sense of remorse for his past actions or even think that he was in any way wrong to abuse his position. His attitude towards his job - in the way that he would try to make his lessons as dull as possible - also made me dislike him.

    I'll still read further stories by this author but I don't think I'll be reading this one again, unlike Hot Hands which I've re-read a few times now.

    1. I know, the whole set up is a bit skeevy. Makes me wonder if there are actually things like that going on in schools (I have a strong suspicion they are). I didn't like that he went out of his way to make sure that the kids couldn't understand his exams, he's a meanie.

      Thats why I want to read more about him, kinda want him to redeem himself.

  2. Thanks so much for the honest review. I greatly appreciate it. I knew this one wouldn't go down as easily as the others, but I wanted to publish it anyway. I plan to write another one from Troy's PoV (like I plan to do with all the other stories too).

    Anyway, just wanted to say that the bit about making the tests as hard as possible for students by using word-play - that's totally based on my own economics teacher -.- Half the time of the multiple choice test went into trying to figure out what exactly he was asking. Students would call him on it, but he'd just laugh (he wasn't the depressed type Daniel is, and he was young and cute (probably why he got away with being so difficult), but he loved to make us squirm!). He was fair though - sometimes - and dropped a question or two from the grading if people were loud enough with their protests (if EVERYONE got the answer wrong). Er, he didn't have sex-deals with his students though...that I know of ;)


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