Friday, April 6, 2012

Challenges: Pants Off Style

My TBR is huge, and like a drug addict, I keep buying more books. So it keeps growing and getting bigger. I have books that I have been wanting to read for years and can never find the opportunity to do so, and I am sure that some of you guys have the same kind of problem. So I decided that I am gonna be reading the feck out of my TBR, and I challenge myself to do so. It won’t be huge but I want to at least read two books from my TBR a week, and share some thoughts on them. I won’t be reviewing them (unless I really wanna talk about the book) just will be giving a rating and a few words on how I liked it.

OMFG! This Book Has Been On My TBR 4-EVER. So Now I’m Gonna Read Its Ass
hopefully can help me bring the numbers down and get me reading my books. I challenge you to do the same.

I am so random it’s crazy, and I because my mind tends to somewhat be all over the place. I can never read a series back-to-back, that could be because sometimes the latest instalment hasn’t been released but most of the time I can’t bring myself to read all the books in a series together. I am challenging myself to read a series back-to-back without taking a long break, and reading the next book in the series a few months later. I might do this challenge, once a month or once every two months, and a 5 book series is my limit. I aint reading no 25 book series back-to-back, that’s just crazy.

So these are the new Pants Off Challenges, the first designed for me to bring down my TBR and get all those books read, if slowly. The second for me to enjoy the wonders of reading a series in its entirety. I believe its gonna be fun!

*Anyone is welcome to do these challenges, if it might help you clear up your TBR*


  1. I wish you luck on your challenges. I don't have a problem reading the series back to back, in fact I like to do that when possible. My problem is my huge TBR pile. I just can't seem to quit buying books. I have a spiral notebook that I list all the books I would like to read. It's crazy!!! Maybe I should follow your lead and at least try to read one a week out of my TBR pile. I'm not making any promises. :D

    Have a great weekend!

    1. I use the to do the spiral notebook when I was in highschool, because I was reading soooo much. I even when as far as to put the characters names and publish date. I am so less organized now lol.

      I know I bought the books because I genuinley wanted to read them, and so I'm gonna get some personal reading done. Without all the reviewing ^_^

      Have great weekend too!

  2. I've been trying to organize my books and after Kassa said she was overwhelmed by her TBR and she simply moved them all to a folder and was starting fresh, I didn't quite go that far, but I went through my TBR and probably move 1/3 of them to a file that I will likely never read. My intention now is to go through the remaining 120 or so books and mark them as "Must read b/c I promised a review" "Still REALLY want to read this" "Want to read this" "I think I still want to read this".

    My problem is I buy 6 new books, read 5 and one gets put in the "WTF was I thinking buying that" file. So I'm really going to try and do at least one of the review books per week and one of the really want to read books. Of course I still read my 4 shorts a week for BER, so that's in addition. I've not been buying much lately so maybe I can pare down the list. I hope.

    I've taken to only doing formal reviews on my blog if I promised or really like it, otherwise it just gets a paragraph on GR.

    Good luck with the challenges.

    1. Thanks Tam!

      I have a little over 500 hundred books on my TBR, I don't own all of them but I do own most of them. So I really wanna read at least 2-3 a week just for me. I won't be reviewing them (unless the need is strong) and I know I must have put them on there for a reason.

      I did read the Kassa post, I can't see myself doing something like that. My books are organized in 'Can't Wait to Read and Lose my Pants' fashion. Also I am starting from the ones that have been on my shelf the longest (goodreads is good for that).

      I am hoping to bring it down to a good number, and not have them piling up. There's probably a few that I won't read, or start and won't finish but I am not too troubled about that.

  3. I have the same problem: I keep buying new ones with old (and GOOD) ones still to be read on my Kindle. It's crazy. I just need to have mom hide my credit card or something...which doesn't work because I usually pay with Paypal and that's just a few clicks :/

    Anyway, do we get to follow which books you're reading what week? It's a good way for you to know which book to read so you won't stray ;) The report progress the next week. Just a thought!

    1. I think picking the books I will be reading a good Idea. I will list them in my What's Happening This Week post so everyone can know what books I am reading ^_^


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