Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OMFG This Book #3

I took on my TBR once again, and was happy with the two books I read. Totally in love with one of them, and the other was sweet but totally forgettable. I am super happy with the way its going, like I am finally getting to read what I spent money on.

In Hot Pursuit by Kate McMurray
Novel: 164pgs
Rating: 4/5

Thoughts: In Hot Pursuit started off very slow for me, I was even making a face and just unimpressed with it. I think it could have been reading a few books in a row about one of the MC’s losing their previous partner. Then it just all changed and I found myself really liking the book, it became so super sweet and the cop/mystery part of it really kept me interested. I am so glad I stuck with it, I am just all kinds of impressed with Kate McMurray’s writing and I think I can finally do that interview with her. Since I finally read one of her books ^_~

4 Pants Off


Only in His Dreams by Shawn Lane
Short Novella: 77pgs
Rating: 3/5

Thoughts: Another book about one of the MC’s dealing/getting over a dead lover. This one I didn’t quite enjoy, even the interracial part of it still couldn’t make me find it more than ‘Meh’. I liked Shawn Lane’s writing but just really had no connection with the characters and the ending just left me out. It’s a series after all so who knows, I might see them again.

3 Pants Off

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