Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Power Play: Awakening by Cat Grant & Rachel Haimowitz

Power Play: Awakening (Power Play #2) by Cat Grant & Rachel Haimowitz
Riptide Publishing
Novel: 292pgs
5+++ Pants Off

Brandon McKinney is a man reborn. Newly awakened to the notion of consensual power exchange and the submissive urges inside him, he begs for a second chance from the man who opened his eyes to this world: Silicon Valley superstar Jonathan Watkins. But no birth is absent pain, and Brandon’s is no exception. He fears he’s not strong enough to see it through.

Jonathan knows better. He’s seen the iron core inside his new submissive, and the wounded heart inside him too. He means to teach Brandon to heal the one with the other. They have five months left on their contract, after all, and Jonathan has done more with less before.

It’s tough to stay objective, though, when you’re falling in love. Shame Brandon doesn’t feel the same. He’s only there for the three-million-dollar payout at contract’s end—a fact that Jonathan, nursing his own wounded heart, reminds himself of each day. For even as Brandon’s barriers break and his mind expands, even as he grows to love his place at Jonathan’s feet, he’ll never love life with a sadist—especially one who cannot escape the public eye.

I don’t even have the words to express how awesome this book was, no freaking words. This will be another review where I am unable to express the awesmazingness packed into 292 pages. Cat and Rachel has outdone themselves with PP: A, and after fangirling over book 1, I am stone cold obsessed with Power Play: Awakening. Jonathan and Brandon are a tattoo on my heart and in brain. Impossible to Forget.

Power Play: Awakening picks up right after the first book, which left you wondering how things were going to work out between Brandon and Jonathan. Their relationship was a disaster from the beginning but there were glimpses that something beautiful would be the result if both men were to let go of their hang-ups. Well Brandon is willing to give it another go, and what a sweet second chance it was.

With 5 months left in their contract, Brandon has to completely submit and face things about himself that aren’t pleasant. He is willing to try, and when his head lets go of the things he believes a man shouldn’t be doing, and his heart accepts that there is no shame in submitting. Together the men create a rhythm filled with such sweetness, such pain, and love.

A love not recognizable from the beginning but you can feel it in their actions, the moments of tender vulnerability, and the fact that they are willing to do anything for each other. However, it is not always rainbows and sunshine with Jonathan being a hardcore sadist, and Brandon not being a fan of pain. It’s a freaking match made in heaven y’all. Because he want’s Brandon not to want the pain, he want’s his real tears and he wants his suffering, above all else he wants Brandon to take the pain for him. To willingly suffer for him.

Jonathan has come a long way from the man he was in book one. He is patient, loving, and so freaking sexy he made my pants lose pants. His character spellbinds me, and I think I dream about him at night. Brandon broke my wee little heart. His headspace was bit fucked up, but I loved those moments when he gave in. It came so natural to him, and makes you wonder why was he fighting it in the first place.

You could argue about whether both men feelings are genuine, based on how the relationship was started. I think a long the way the money became a lesser issue, because the money became an excuse for Brandon to stay. It was the only way he could cope. So Brandon you ain’t no ho, because sometimes we need that anchor to keep us to a place. If you are a ho? You sure are a smart one ^_~

Overall, I loved the crap out of this book. The writing was superb, the story excellent and the characters the freaking best. I am a huge fan of BDSM books, and they are sometimes never done right, never written with the respect that is needed. The Power Play series was written with respect, and a sure knowledge of the scene. This will forever be one of my favourite reads. Just Simply the Freaking Best!

Thanks to Rachel Haimowitz for providing me with extra pants, because yes a lot of pants were lost in the reading of this.

SideNote- That fucking book cover! That Is All

5+++ Pants Off


  1. That cover? Swoons! I haven't read this series but now I have to.

  2. We at RP continue to swoon over this cover too... -Stephanie, RP marketing

  3. Thank you for the lovely review, Darien. Glad you enjoyed Jonathan & Brandon's story. :-)

  4. It *is* a beautiful cover. The story sounds very intense, but strangely irresistible...



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