Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's Happening This Week

Howdy folks, to my old peeps and my new peeps. Another week is here already, which means closer to summer holidays 'school freaking closure'. Dreading the freaking day! *teehee* It's also getting warmer and I am just not a fan of summer, the heat can be soo... not good. It's so stifling and crappy, I know I'm supposed to rejoice but I like to be cool all the time 'not cold' but cool.

Lots of fun stuff this week. Reviews, awesome giveaways, and guest posts. My blogoversary is coming up in July and I can't believe its been almost a year already. My tiny little blog where I never did much posting has now become a movement in pants losing 'yeh, it's a freaking movement'. So I hope you guys will come and celebrate with me. To authors I am open for guest posts/interviews/giveaways so you can come join the party.

Without me rambling on anymore, here's whats causing a pants losing this week...

Monday: Review- Last Stop by Lou Harper

Tuesday: Review- Power Play: Awakening by Cat Grant & Rachel Haimowitz

Wednesday: Guest Post and Giveaway with Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz

Friday: Review- Changing Worlds by Cari Z 

Saturday: Interview and Giveaway with Heidi & Violetta 

~Be sure to enter the Shameless Giveaway Hop going on here on Pants Off, some great giveaways up for grabs.~

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