Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Shout-Out: Taking the Dare by Lee Brazil

Taking the Dare (Truth or Dare #4) by Lee Brazil

Shouting-out Lee Brazil,

Initially I was very excited to read this book, since I skipped the third book in the series. I thought I was in for a nice treat because I love me some Blake brothers, which you can tell by me fan-girling out on Telling the Truth book #2 in this wonderful series. I really was expecting awesmazingness but I just didn’t get it here.

I found Dan so very ‘blah’ when he so had my interest from the previous books, and his relationship with Morgan Hawke intrigued me. I was all types of excited for the angst and awesome loving but I did not enjoy their story as much I wanted.

I found Dan just a bit too freaking much, and everyone’s acceptance of his manipulative douche bag behaviour really irked me. I was just sobbing for his poor me “I’m a middle child nobody loves me, so I must become and actor in hiding emotions and screwing with people” =_=. GET OVER IT!

I liked the way Morgan and Dan’s relationship began and I like Morgan, he’s honourable if somewhat na├»ve and he knows when to count his losses. Dan… just pulled too many douche moves and I hope for my headspace they get another book. If I were Morgan I would be saying this when Mr manipulative showed up on my door

"You Shall Not Pass…"

On the upside, I was glad to revisit all the Blake bros and their loves, just love it so much. Dan you really disappointed me but what the hell, you guys had some seriously hot sex.

So Lee this shout-out is for you. I really loved the first two books but this one didn’t quite work for me on a few levels. I would really love to see Morgan and Dan again in another story of their own. Dan needs to redeem himself and stop being all actor manipulative and shit. Supposedly no one knows the real him, well quite frankly neither do I.

3 Pants Off

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