Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn & M.J O'Shea

One Small Thing (One Thing #1) by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 214pgs
4 Pants Off

"Daddy" is not a title Rue Murray wanted, but he never thought he'd have sex with a woman either. Now he's the unwitting father of a newborn named Alice. Between bartending and cosmetology school, Rue doesn't have time for babies, but he can't give her up. What Rue needs is a babysitter, and he's running out of options. He's on the verge of quitting school to watch Alice himself when he remembers his reclusive new neighbor, Erik. 

Erik Van Nuys is a sci-fi novelist with anxiety issues to spare. He doesn't like people in general, and he likes babies even less. Still, with his royalties dwindling, he could use the extra cash. Reluctantly, he takes on the role of manny-and even more reluctantly, he finds himself falling for Alice and her flamboyant father. Rue and Erik are as different as two people can be, and Alice is the unlikeliest of babies, but Rue has never been happier than when Alice and Erik are by his side. At least, not until he receives an offer that puts all his dreams within reach and he's forced to choose: the future he's always wanted, or the family he thought he never did.

Rue Murray Mr Flamboyant bartender working his way through hairdressing school, has a pretty awesome life. HE makes good tip, he can a new hook-up each night if so he chooses an he’s just waiting for the call that will take him to California for his dream job. Rue’s life is shaken up when a night of experimentation a few months back walks back into his life and proclaims she is three months pregnant, and the baby is his.

Rue never dreamed he would become a father but his little girl has become the most important person in his life. With the help of his best-friend Dusty, Rue is trying to make life with a newborn work but he still needs to work and go to school. He needs a daycare/babysitter stat, but finding one is tough and expensive. Rue decides to take a chance on his next-door neighbour, doesn’t matter how weird he is.

Eric is a struggling writer, crazy Star Wars fan, and cripplingly shy. He doesn’t do crowds, he doesn’t do people, and he definitely doesn’t do babies. When his neighbour asks him to baby-sit, Eric’s first answer is even though the money will be useful. He says yes finally but for reasons that are even a surprise to him. So begins the relationship between Eric and a little baby girl, and he finds the family he never knew he wanted.

Can I just say that I love the pants off of Eric! From his very first scene he captured my heart and now I am all kinds of in love with him. I enjoyed the build-up of friendships and the slow walk it took into becoming a romance. As a mother, I freaking love reading about babies/kids when it’s written in a feel good perspective. One Small Thing is all feel good, and if you want to just smile and get a good HEA. Then OST is for you.

There is some conflict thrown in with Rue’s best friend Dustin that really makes Eric shine. It definitely killed two birds with one stone, by offering up how strong Eric is and shedding light on the character of Dusty. Which makes me all kinds of excited for his book. I liked Rue, but that’s pretty much all I feel for him. He was very strong and unique in the beginning of the book but his fire rather fizzled for me by the end. I did love his pyjamas though!

I really did enjoy reading this one and it put a huge smile on my face. As I said I love the crap out of Eric, I am such a sucker for geeky/shy characters, they are my kryptonite. I am looking forward to Dusty’s book, which hopefully has some Alice time. I wanna see how she’s thriving with so many wonderful men in her life. Hats off to Piper & M.J.

4 Pants Off

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  1. I love LOVE this book!! It's definitely a must re-read for me!


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