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Guest Post: Grabby's Day 3 (Memorial Day 2012) by J.P Barnaby

I am so excited to have J.P Barnaby here as apart of her Little Boy Lost blog tour. I haven't read the series as yet but I am totally looking forward to gobbling them up now that I don't have to wait for the last book *evil laugh*. So help me welcome J.P, and be sure to comment to get your chance at some amazing prizes. Plus there's pretty half naked boys, and that is always a good thing.

Drake Jaden and Parker Perry pretty, but wicked little boys

Breakfast with Jodi

Jodi (@JodiDash) and I are early risers. It happens wherever I go, no matter how late I stay out – I always wake up early and get up. So, we got up and headed over to Corner Bakery for breakfast. Jodi is truly one of my favorite people. No matter what kind of drama or shit comes flying at her at these kinds of events, she just keeps her mellow temper and tells it like it is. I have a lot of respect for that. I’m more of a peacekeeper. I just want to see everyone being nice to each other and getting along, though that rarely happens.

While Jodi and I were sitting at breakfast having some wonderful scrambled egg concoction and talking about how the weekend had gone to that point, I got a text from Drake. So, after being joined by our friend Amy (@Ajbee), we went over the Hyatt and I took Drake breakfast which of course, resulted in my tweet about taking (@DrakeJadenXXX) breakfast in bed. It was nice to just sit and talk to him for a minute before the craziness of the day started. The day before, the girls had been asked to present an award during the ceremony. Then, the decision was made that I would be the one presenting…speaking in front of hundreds of people. Needless to say, I was rather nervous—which Drake talked me through.


The girls spent the day wandering around the hotel. I think I ended up in Kelley’s (@Kel1863) room at one point and then Jodi’s. The majority of the day was a blur to me because I was so fucking terrified about the presentation that night. About 1:30, we headed over to the Park West Theater for rehearsal, which I thought would consist of us practicing on stage, but it didn’t. The entire group of presenters sat in one of the tabled areas talking until the coordinator came over and gave out our ordering. I sat next to Parker Perry who just kept telling me that I would be fine. We would be presenting 8th, for which I was thankful. We would be on late enough that I’d get an idea of what to do from the other presenters, but early enough that I wouldn’t have a stroke waiting for our turn to come up.

The Grabbys 

In the limo on the way to the Grabbys David and Keith from Soldout Clothing, Tom Wolfe and Cal Skye, JP Barnaby and Parker Perry’s yellow sock. (Photo Credit: Cavin Knight)

 At one point during the day, I had told Drake that I would hold his wallet and phone that night because his lederhosen weren’t exactly made to accommodate them. I knew that he would be riding in over in a limo with the other guys, so I text’d him and told him that I would meet him there. To which, I was informed that I would be in the limo with him. He didn’t even give me a chance to argue before he instructed me to be in the lobby at 6:00 sharp ready to go. Just another way that he made me feel special and accepted that weekend. When the limo arrived, and people started piling in, however, we noticed that there were far more people than seats. It didn’t matter at all – guys sat on each other’s laps or in the floor to make space for all of us to ride together. That ride ranked as some of the most fun I had all weekend. Sandwiched between Tom Wolfe (@TomWolfeXXX) sitting on his boyfriend Cal Skye’s (@CalSkyeXXX) lap and Dire Callahan (@DireCallahan), passing around a bottle of vodka and diet 7Up because no one remembered to bring glasses, I felt like a kid at the popular table.

Drake Jaden and Parker Perry stacked in the limo

When we arrived, the guys went up the red carpet while I met the girls outside and we went in to find our seats. Anticipation built as I sat at the table with Harvey Walker (@HarveyWalker), Teresa (@MamaTStar), and Jason (@Jason73Tx). I managed to down two vodka lemonades while the first few guys went up to present their awards. I kept count, knowing that we were #8, and handed my phone to Jason. Jodi had given her camera to Kel’s husband Tod, and we were ready. I stood up and indicated to the other ladies to meet me by the door they’d told us to find during rehearsal. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize they were going to run a porn clip, so we had a few minutes to wait, but we were in position and we were ready when they called us to the stage.

Some guys in the industry are not fans of their female fans, some guys merely tolerate us, and some guys embrace us. Tom Wolfe and Drake Jaden appreciate that the women in their audience are the ones that always pay for their scenes rather than downloading them for free, who promote them whenever possible, and who support them when things get bad. Tom and Drake took us up on stage to present the award for Best Fetish Extreme. Tom wore a tight corset and killer heeled boots leading Drake Jaden on a leash in his tight little lederhosen and a spider gag (a spider gag is a metal device that keeps the wearer’s mouth open rather than blocking it like a ball gag or bit). He handed Drake’s leash off to us (Jodi), and with shaking hands, I took the mic. For a split second, my mind went completely blank, I swear to God. But then, I introduced the nominees and someone in the audience yelled “WOOOOO! GO JP!” and everything suddenly became okay. When the nominees finished playing on the screen overhead, I read out the winner and we left the stage.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

The Ladies of Gay Porn presenting the award for Best Fetish Extreme

The After-party: Spin

Earlier in the month, I’d flown out for OutlantaCon and had a great time with Eden Winters and Shae Connor. At that event, I met Nick—a really sweet guy who happened to be from Chicago. We talked for a long time, just hanging out. When I gave him a set of bookmarks, he fell almost instantly in love with Parker Perry. So, I told him about where I would be this last weekend, and asked if he wanted to come and hang out. He met me at Spin, and we had an absolute blast. I introduced him to guys like Rafael Alancar and he kept me from standing in the corner alone. Drake and Parker, my constant companions for the weekend, stopped off at a Hyatt party before ending up at Spin.

Nick, Drake, and JP cuddling at Spin

At one point, a couple of guys that I didn’t know asked if they could have their pictures taken with me. I was so surprised by their request all I could do was nod. Sometimes, readers ask for a picture with me at different author events, but since I’m not a part of the gay porn industry, I was pretty floored to be asked. Throughout the course of the evening, I ended up being kissed, groped, and with a few guys on my lap. It was fabulous. ;)

Tony Buff doing what Tony Buff does best surrounded by hot boys

Around two, the guys decided to head over to Hydrate and continue the party. So, we paired off and walked the three blocks to the other bar. Parker was in the lead, drunk off his ass, and talking to just about everyone we passed. Drake followed in the rear, just as intoxicated, but at some point had picked up a boy that he was all over. Nick and I, the only sober ones of the group, walked along in the middle—laughing. At Hydrate, Parker set us all up with shots while Drake disappeared with his boy, Daniel. After the shots, Parker took my hand and pulled me back to the dance floor where we stayed for the next hour.

As the hour grew late, and the boys grew more intoxicated, I took them both by the hand and led them out of the bar. It took me just a moment to hail a cab, and very little persuasion to get them inside. I gave my wonderfully sober friend Nick a hug and then took both Drake and Parker back to their respective hotels and got them safely to bed, one of which needed a little more assistance than the other.

I conquered several fears that day, and had a fabulous time doing it.

The Little Boy Lost blog tour continues June 25th – July 24th . Make sure to comment at each stop for more chances to win some really great prizes such as an entire series autographed to you by J. P. Barnaby. For additional entries – tweet about the tour including @JPBarnaby and #LittleBoyLost.

Tour Schedule:

The entire Little Boy Lost collection


Little Boy Lost is a coming of age story about two teenage boys—Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield—growing up gay in rural Alabama. The six book series chronicles their lives as they navigate through peers, parents, and porn, desperately searching for the perfect combination of circumstances in which they can be together. Through their journey, they find friends, pain, acceptance, loss, and most importantly, themselves.

July 2 – July 9th, Dreamspinner Press will offer the first book in the Little Boy Lost series for free on their site ( and books 2-5 at 20% off in celebration of the release of the final book, Sacrificed.

Scarificed (Book 6)
Reunited with his father but missing the one man he loves more than any other, Jamie Mayfield attempts to put his life back together amid rehab, seizures, and the gutting loneliness of Brian’s rejection. As he tries to cope, Jamie finds that relying on his friends isn’t nearly as difficult as he’d imagined, and soon he can once again stand on his own two feet.

While recovering from his addiction, Jamie starts a new phase of his life at college, working to become the man Brian needs him to be. Only one question remains: Can Jamie earn Brian’s forgiveness and win back his trust, or will their love be sacrificed at the altar of Jamie’s demons?

Brian and Jamie’s epic journey comes to a close in this thrilling conclusion to the Little Boy Lost series.

About J. P. Barnaby  

As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.



  1. So cool that you got to present an award!


    1. It was, we were thrilled to be asked. :)

  2. They say “public speaking” is the No. 1 phobia for most people. You are one brave woman JP not only for doing the presenting onstage but just for being in a place and situation where you knew you might be just tolerated or rebuffed.

    The smart ones or the ones who know the actual financial figures behind this industry will tell you that 35% to 40% of the subscribers to their sites are female. The studio I have worked with consistently hovers around 40% and they are smart enough not to alienate their female members.

    And BTW, you ARE the popular one my dear!

  3. I'm actually surprised by that statistic because the first time I signed up for a site - they actually called me to make sure "Jennifer" knew she was signing up for a gay porn site. LOL

  4. Great post guys...I think I need to live vicariously through JP.....*sigh* so many pretty boys!!! :)

    1. I am a lucky lucky girl. ;) Thank you for coming to check out the post!

  5. I’m always jealous of the company you keep, cute...boys are so cute!
    Great post girls...I am really excited to read Sacrificed.

    1. Hi Connie! Sacrificed is getting great feedback - I really hope you like it. :)

  6. Yahoo! What a weekend! I don't "think" I need to live vicariously through you. I KNOW I do...... LOL


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