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Guest Post: Azalea Moone and "Fraternal Devotion"

I am so excited to Azalea Moone stopping by today and talking about brotherly love of the dirty kind ^_~. I loved the Fraternal Devotion anthology ==>-----------THIS MUCH--------------<== and that's a whole lot. So help me welcome Alazea as apart of the Fraternal Devotion blog tour.

Hiya, fellow Pants Off readers. Azalea Moone here to talk about my short story “On Clouds of Obsession” in the new anthology released by Storm Moon Press, Fraternal Devotion. The anthology focuses on brotherly love, a highly regarded taboo that dates back centuries.

 Let me say that when I first saw the anthology call for this, I was squirming in my seat. “Gotta write it.” Why? Even though incest, in all forms, is one of those hot button topic, I wanted to take a shot. I understand people will raise their brows. They'll hate it or love it. But as a very open minded individual, it's my belief that there's no shame in sharing love.

I already knew that throughout history there have been many famous incestuous couples, mainly heterosexual between brother and sister, father and daughter, or first cousins. Many of them were way illegal beyond the incest, though. We won't get into that.

But I'm a very curious kitty and was interested in learning more about gay incest. So, I researched after writing the story. Browsing online forums, websites, wiki, and other sites, I've found that having brother fantasies, or actual experiences, are somewhat common among men whether they are gay or straight. From the mutual jack off session to oral sex **gasps**, brothers may experiment on each other especially if they're close in age or have a close relationship.

Another interesting fact to note is that gay incest aka twincest has become a very popular kink in the gay porn industry. Several brother couples are well known and many of them have no qualms on what they will do with each other. Not sure if you've ever seen these, but damn they are hawt! Talk about close. **rawr**

So, let's get to my contemporary short story. We are introduced to Jeremy, who's had a major crush on his older brother, Matt, since high school. Although they were never really close growing up, seeing Matt in the school's locker room while getting undressed was the ultimate realization for Jeremy. From that moment on, he attempted to grab other peeks of his brother, but was always interrupted or even caught. Jeremy knows he has to keep his crush a secret; they're family, after all.

Fast forward. Now they are both in their 20s, and Matt is set to get married in a few days to someone he met in Las Vegas. Jeremy tries to persuade Matt out of it, telling him it's not a great idea to just marry someone he just met. But he fails. On top of that, Jeremy's also stuck in the realization that his brother isn't going to be 'available' anymore. But, Matt was never truly available for him, anyway. Jeremy decides that he can keep daydreaming. No one will ever figure it out, right?

Until the night of Matt's bachelor's party. After everyone has left, Jeremy just can't keep his hands to himself and is taken off guard when Matt wakes up in the middle of it.

Throughout the story, the two brothers go through a tide of emotions, from angsty disbelief of the situation to moments of complete surrender. Not only does Jeremy reveal his secret, but he learns one of Matt's biggest secrets as well.

In the end, though, learning to love each other in a lovers sort of way, different than familial love, is difficult to deal with. There's no family blessing, no understanding or coming to terms. I can imagine this is true for real couples, too. For Jeremy and Matt, their only option to be together was to move far away from the family.

In real cases, I wonder if happily ever after between brothers would be hard to come by. I believe most men would keep their fantasies a secret far into their adult lives. As this is fiction, I can't do that. I gotta make sure Jeremy and Matt have at least a happy-for-now.

The following excerpt is NSFW, but considering the nature of this blog, I don't think anyone will mind a little pants losing!
So, my brother was an ass. I knew tons of kids whose brothers beat the shit out of them, but why was I so damned infatuated with mine?

I was a sophomore in high school when I realized that I was attracted to my brother. Matt was a junior and hardly ever home; he was always out at the football field practicing with the rest of the team. I was in detention, the reason escapes me now, but I wandered into the locker room that day after his meet was over. That was the first time it hit me: my brother was fucking hot.

I had stared at him through the crack between the lockers. He threw his gear into the locker and slipped his shirt from over his head. I caught an eyeful of his muscular chest that made me as hard as a fucking rock.

Fast forward to today. He's twenty-three now, and that was still the only time I'd ever seen my brother naked. That's not to say I didn't try. Every time, however, I fell short. I had asked him to go swimming, only to have him dress in a shower stall. I also spied on him through the small keyhole in his bedroom door, only to have Dad catch me. Oh, that was a sheer disaster.

I took a sip from the bottle and let the booze sit on my tongue before swallowing.

Yes, it was all a disaster. God, I just wanted to see the way he looked after a shower again. Beads of steaming water running down his strong, tawny back. The line of fine downy hair that stretched from his sternum down to his naval. It widened there, cloaking his beautiful cock in black hair.

With my eyes closed, my free hand wandered past my belt and into my jeans to my hardened cock. Fuck, I was hard for him just like the day I watched him step out of the school shower. I wrapped my fingers tight around my length and began to stroke.

Fraternal Devotion -- Now Available from Storm Moon Press for just $6.99 (ebook)

If you are a fan of brothers loving each other up, be sure to go get yourself a copy of this book. I really enjoyed this anthology (no surprise) and look for my review on Friday.

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