Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Casual (Sex) Friday by Evie Kiels

Reviewed by Fehu
Casual (Sex) Friday by Evie Kiels
Less Than Three Press
Short Story: 56pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Ben is not a fan of Fridays. Every Friday Calvin asks him out, and every Friday Ben turns him down. One incredibly boring date was enough for him, and he can't figure out why Calvin won't let it go. After delivering yet another Friday brush-off, Ben retreats to the park to try to decompress from the work week.

When Calvin shows up at the park, the very last thing Ben expects is to end up spending his Friday night with a man who is suddenly anything but boring.

First of all this was not what I expected, but the story turned up quite intriguing nonetheless! I expected unrequited love, but not Ben’s kink or Calvins determination to get to know Ben.

I’m still not sure what to think of Calvin, mainly because he asked Ben out every Friday for a month! While he gets points for being persistent, that’s a bit stalkerish, especially his behavior in the park. No, I will not tell you what happens, where would be the fun in that? ;)

Ben usually brushes of the advances, because he had a really bad break up with his partner of 8 years, so one can understand that he is reticent, after being betrayed. Mostly Ben is really lonely or at least that how I see him and his ex’s betrayal had cost him a lot, like his belief in honesty of other people.

The first part of the story did not draw me in, it was confusing and I was wondering why Calvin was so set on another date with Ben. The story is told from Ben’s perspective so there are no clues to Calvin’s motivation. Also I’m not sure why Ben gave in to Calvin after their meeting in the park, where Calvin catches Ben in a compromising situation and uses this to get what he wants. The good part comes after Ben gives in and agrees to spend the weekend with Calvin, experiencing, what Calvin is all about.

Why is this book worth losing 3.5 pants?

For one, the sex scenes are seriously hot! The guys click over Ben’s kink (Ben likes to watch people have sex) and so Calvin indulges him by using a webcam and by letting Ben watch him having sex with Ben. Secondly the sex scenes are well written and not mechanical, bonus points and pants for that!

The story itself is well written and after the first part, I actually did get to know the characters more and would have liked the book to have a few more pages, to see how they fare together. While this is not a book with a lot of depth, the story and characters are entertaining.

I liked that it was not instant love, not even instant attraction. It takes Ben some time and some interference from Calvin, to give them as a potential couple a second chance. After initial reticence Ben gets to know Calvin, through his hobbies and friends. The everyday life things, people do together, are not just glossed over. At the end of the story, I could believe there was a reason why Ben and Calvin worked as a couple. Actually that is the part I liked best. The author managed to create a believable romance about everyday life on 45 pages (at least on my ereader they are 45).

3.5 Pants Off

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