Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: It Started with a Dare by S.L Danielson & Julie Hayes

It Started With a Dare by S.L Danielson & Julie Lynn Hayes
No Boundaries Press
Novel: 247pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Boredom at the Junior Prom leads to a dare that leads to a kiss between two seventeen year old boys. Being gay in rural Georgia is no picnic. As circumstances force them together, Mark and Blake uncover truths about themselves, embarking on a daring relationship. But they’ve got one major strike against them already—Mark is unwilling to come out about his sexuality, and Blake doesn’t want to live in a closet.

Can they fan the flames of their relationship, or will it sputter and die?

Mark Wittington is at his Junior Prom with best-friend Dylan and things are a little boring being dateless and all. When Dylan dares mark to plant a kiss on unsuspecting victim Blake who’s having a very awkward dance with girlfriend Violet. That impromptu kiss leads to events the boys never saw coming.

Mark homes life isn’t the ideal for a young person; he lives with his very abusive grandfather who makes everything difficult. After having his parents run off, Mark lives with that abandonment and it’s shaped his future. He wants to get the hell out of dodge. Leave his small town behind and all the pain and hurt caused by his family. Summer brings Mark a job at the local burger joint, its hard labour but he enjoys it. When his kiss buddy Blake starts working at the same place, Mark realizes it’s gonna be one hellaciously long summer.

Blake is the nerd, and the not so popular guy, which is quite alright with him. When Mark kissed him, it was embarrassing but it both excited, and scared him. Blake begins his summer job at the same place Mark works, and the road to their friendship wasn’t an easy one.

I really enjoyed the build-up to Mark and Blake’s relationship. It wasn’t a rush thing, the slow build up really added to authenticity of their relationship. I think the whole set-up is believable, and anyone can sympathize with the struggles these boys are facing in both their public and personal life.

Overall, it’s a very likeable read. I should warn and say that there is somewhat explicit sex between the boys. I for one have no problems with this when love is involved. The boys took the time to research and practice safe and that is alright in my book. I really am looking forward to sequel.

3.5 Pants Off


  1. I've enjoyed reading the Southern Comfort series and I can't wait for book 4 to be released sometime this month (I think). There is lots of high school drama going on and each book kind of ends with a cliffhanger. Like you, I sympathize with what these characters are dealing with. High school is hard enough, but being gay and living in the South makes it that much more difficult.

  2. Thank you so much for the great reviews and Lisa, glad you loved the series.

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