Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Diva and the Frat Boy by Daisy Harris

Diva and the Frat Boy (Men of Holsum College #2) by Daisy Harris
Siren Publishing
Short Story: 98pgs
4 Pants Off

Nathaniel Reece is savvy and fierce and wouldn’t give boring-ass Greg Sanders the time of day, except Greg is the president of a fraternity Nathaniel wants to join. But once Nathaniel gets a taste of the ferocity under Greg’s cool exterior, he can’t stop himself from trying to lure the uptight frat brother out of his shell.

The face of gay life on campus and a crusader heading off to law school, Greg doesn’t see any problem with seducing the flamboyant and exciting Nathaniel. But that’s before he finds out his fraternity brothers are refusing Nathaniel's pledge bid. Greg’s athletic and masculine and has never had to deal with the censure of his friends or the odd looks of strangers, but if he’s going to be what Nathaniel needs, he’ll have to be comfortable not just being out, but also standing out.

Nathaniel is super flamboyant and never leaves a doubt that he is gay. He’s loud and proud and people can suck it if they don’t like it. He’s pledging for a gay fraternity on campus that’s very conservative, so he makes everyone around him a bit uncomfortable. Then there is Greg, he’s hot enough *maybe* but he is all just a little too good for Nathaniel.

Greg is the president of the gay frat on campus, so he doesn’t exactly hide who he is. He’s going to be lawyer, he’s all athletic and if you didn’t know he was gay, you would call him straight. He has never once had to face prejudice because of his sexuality, and that’s the way he likes it. So Greg can’t understand why Nathaniel doesn’t try to tone it down. He is wildly attracted to the man, but doesn’t want his frat boys to know it. Well he can’t deny the pull of Nat for long, and the boys end up having some incredible loving.

At first, it’s all about sex and good times, but Greg is wanting more and Nat isn’t sure he can give it to him. It becomes obvious in the things Greg says and does that he might not be willing to handle or accept everything that Nathaniel is. Their interaction both intimate and with other people really sets the tone and creates a wonderful contrast between our main characters. Can two people make it, when they are unwilling to accept everything about the opposite person?

I think the author really stirs the pot with this story, by shedding light on the prejudice and stereotypes that can be found in the gay community. Classifying someone as being too gay. How can a person be too gay? I think just the overall attraction to the same sex makes you gay, unless it’s the undying need to have a cock up your ass ‘too gay’. I can understand being too crazy by putting fireworks in your pants, but being too gay never quite made sense to me.

I really liked Nathaniel, and I am so happy the author shed light on the many sides of him. There’s never a single story to a person, and because he likes his sequin tops, and lip-gloss didn’t really truly tells us who he is. My ire was all with Greg! Desperately seeking a relationship with Nat, but yet not being happy with how he presented to himself. I feel like he didn’t deserve him, but I could understand him.

Overall, I really liked it to pieces and enjoyed a lot more than the previous books. Especially glad it was also interracial, I am so biased to the IRL. Now I am really looking forward to continuing the series.

4 Pants Off

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