Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: Dead Shot by JL Merrow

Dead Shot by JL Merrow
JMS Books
Short Story: 11pgs (my reader)
4 Pants Off

Sometimes Cupid has his own agenda.

Carpenter Peter takes his hyperactive ten-year-old nephew to play in the park with his home-made bow and arrows -- but makes the mistake of closing his eyes for a minute. Alerted by a yell of pain, he’s mortified to find that Kevin has shot a tall, handsome stranger in the rear end. Especially when Kevin suggests Peter should kiss it better!

Cultured lawyer Edward doesn’t seem to mind. An embarrassing encounter leads to a hot date -- but Peter's guilty secret about Kevin’s father could undo all Cupid’s good work, and Edward’s flair for the dramatic isn’t exactly helping!

Previously published in the Shot Through the Heart Taste Test.

Gah! Short stories really bust my balls especially good short stories, and this one was good. Ms Merrow does it again by bringing her signature humour with awesome characters, and one little guy who steals the show.

Peter is out with his nephew Kevin, and Kevin is a force of nature. Peter teaches him how to make a bow and arrow out of sticks (effin cool, gonna try) and Kev gets on with it. When Peter takes his eyes off him for a few minutes, Kevin shoots a target right in the arse *Dead Shot*. Now Peter finds himself making apologies, and on the inside congratulating Kevin for choosing such a splendid ass indeed.

There is some story and background thrown in, which I can’t say I really enjoyed. I was all eye roll numerous about it and though it added some drama I wasn’t all excited in my pants about it. I feel there is line you do not cross when it comes to sibling relationships and Peter clearly crossed that line. I can understand naiveté and all that; he was young yes but not a child.

The subject of Kevin’s arrow Edward also brings his own story, but overall I liked him (as much as you can like any character in such a few pages). Edward and Kevin are hot together and provide a sexy little interlude that caused a disappearance of ma pants. Sometimes all the time rimming can be so sexy.

I really enjoyed this short, and it had me laughing aloud because of a spunky ten year old. Kevin really stole the show, and now I am planning to make some bow and arrows with my boys. Maybe they can be my very own cupid and land me a hottie *fingers crossed*. Awesome short!!!

4 Pants Off

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