Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twinsational by Jeff Erno

Twinsational by Jeff Erno
Extasy Books
Rating: 4/5

Tommy Cooper has just turned 21 and is getting his first exposure to the gay club scene when he meets Darren Maguire, a go-go dancer. Not only is Darren about the hottest guy that Tommy has ever seen, but he also has an identical twin brother named Michael who is also a dancer

Things quickly heat up for Tommy and Darren, but Michael doesn’t exactly approve. Michael is more serious and wishes his brother Darren would focus more on his education. When Michael meets the man of his dreams, however, he begins to understand the power of romance

Each of the twins becomes embroiled in relationships which are sure to affect their future, but in the party environment of a dance club, can any such relationship last? And what of the parade of hot guys that constantly come in and out of their lives? Only time will tell if Tommy has actually met the man of his dreams or if he’s simply allowed himself to be swept up by a passing sensation.

I am a such a fan girl for all of Jeff’s books. He is the creator of one of my fave series of all time. So when the review request for Twinsational came in, there was no way in hell I was going to say no. This exciting story possesses the quality that makes it a Jeff Erno novel, but it had a different feel from his previous books.

Tommy is shy, and somewhat nerdish. He gets a job at a club, which he feels is way out of league because it’s all filled with hotties. On his first day, he meets twin Darren and Michael, also having their first day as dancers at the club. Tommy is instantly attracted to both, but only one has him thinking he might be the one. Darren and Tommy begin a sexual relationship, much to Tommy’s surprise, because he can’t believe the hot as hell go go dancer is attracted to his bookish ole self.

Meanwhile Darren’s twin Michael is getting some undivided attention by a customer and Michael is enjoying the attention. His fan is handsome, good-looking, and seems to have money judging by the big bills he’s placing in his teeny tiny shorts. Michael is wondering if there can be something more, when theres no twinkling club lights and gyrating bodies.

While Darren and Michael are the focus, shedding light on their differences in both personality and relationships. However, I found this book to be the Tommy show and his discovery into sex and how sometimes love knocks you down. He gets lost in the intensity between him and Darren, and realizes that he might be invested but he can’t say the same for the sexy twin. Is it love? or could it all just be lust in disguise.

I have always had strong reactions to Jeff’s book, but this one takes the cake. I was utterly devastated at the end of it, and if weren’t reading it on my iPad things could have gotten ugly. I was thrown a curve ball I never saw coming and it broke my wee little heart. I broke down in serious tears, because I was like What.The.Bloody.Fecking.Feck! I know sometimes a little realism in books is a good thing, and you gotta go through trash to find your treasure and all that, but I was not impressed because I was invested in the characters who I thought would be a couple. Jeff sunk my ship, and then threw in a lifesaver *I don’t like the lifesaver*.

Overall, I really liked this one regardless of my strong feelings. It’s the books that make you feel that deserves all the praises and once again, Mr Erno provided another winner.

*grumbles* one that has me depressed and all sad =_=

4 Pants Off


  1. I've read most of Jeff Erno's books. His Puppy Love series is a favorite of mine. I plan on reading Twinsational, but you have me a little bit worried now. :)

    1. No worries, Lisa! I actually loved the ending. It wasn't the same 'ole, same 'ole. Yes, I agree my heart was steered in one direction and then BAM! life kicked me in the proverbial balls. But it ended on a positive note, with some very touching moments. My initial reaction was the same as Darien's, but by the end, I thought it just felt right.

    2. Its really no worries, but I got really depressed about the ending even though it is a happy ending. I think its also cus a certain someone didn't take the time to fess up like a man. That really grinded my gears.

      Lisa I also love Puppy Love. I got to review all three awhile back and just feel in love with Matt and his Pup.

    3. Thanks! I feel better now. :) Won't have to wait very long for Cocktales, either. Yay!!!

  2. Darien, I have a strict policy of not commenting on reviews of my own books, but I can't help myself. Please stay tuned for Cocktales, book two of the Men's Room Series. It is complete and will be released May 1. Tommy's story continues, including his HEA ending. Thanks for the review!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jeff! I look forward to reading it.


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