Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Bittersweet by Dallas Coleman

Bittersweet by Dallas Coleman
Prizm Books
Novella: 140pgs
3.75 Pants Off

Twins Marcus and Micah have moved all over the country, trying to find a place to run their favorite business. They love their coffee shop, but there's always something, some sort of malevolent presence always ruins it for them. They don't know who or what it is that haunts them, only that they can't seem to escape it.

This time, though, they may have found just the right place to help them exorcise what ails them. Their new hometown has Spook, who has a pregnant friend, a demon belt buckle, and a way with spirits, as well as a host of other folks who are ready to take Marcus and Micah's problem on. Things get complicated quickly, and nothing is what it seems in this fast-paced urban fantasy.

In an odd way, I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting, sad, and filled with many unique qualities. Yet, there was missing; the length for one is an issue with so much going on. I wanted more, and for the life of me how is this categorized as YA.

Twin Marcus and Micah have been running from something. They don't know what to call it but they know it has been creating problems for their business. They have had to move a few times and almost every time it never works out. Now they have a new coffee shop, but something still is not right. In comes Spook a Goth looking kid sent by his boss to check out what’s happening in the coffee. He's making the twin nervous and shit all but hits fan when witch Moira arrives, and in comes a talking gigantic bird. Suddenly what was supposed to be a quick job turns into utter disaster with a dead body.

Alright, there is so much interesting things going on in this story but it wasn't fleshed out properly. Too many viewpoints made it jumbled, and all the characters that just popped out of nowhere made it even messier. The reader will have to spend a serious amount of time trying to figure out what's happening and who's who. Mostly I spent all my time going "WHY?" and did all that crazy really needed to happen.

There is no romance, but most of the characters seem to have some romantic entanglements. Which means there is a story for each of the characters (it’s just not written into the story) usually something like that wouldn’t bother me but there was so much, I sorta needed their back-story. I felt like fish out of water flapping around and trying to make sense but in the end succumbing to being on land (wow look at me).

Should You Read It? There is so much to like in this story, and yes it is quite different. However, the level of activity going on required a lot more pages and a tighter plot. Yet, I found it interesting and enjoyed it cus I gobbled it up in about an hour and a half. I wouldn't mind a bit more from this world. The title surely is fitting too!


  1. This is exactly how I felt reading this book too!

  2. It is actually New Adult and you will be glad to hear the beginning of a series.


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