Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Knight of Wands by Theo Fenraven

Knight of Wands (Precog in Peril #2) by Theo Fenraven
Voodoo Lily Press
Novella: 100pgs
3 Pants Off

Gray Vecello and Cooper Key are back in the exciting sequel to Three of Swords. Graham’s treasure is only the tip of the iceberg as a thief helps himself to a hidden stash of cash, Jolly Roger makes another appearance, and the guys finally meet others with special abilities when an emergency meeting of the group is called.

Accompanying them on this new adventure is Gray’s cousin, Harper, who’s having problems of her own. Peace and quiet will have to wait as they take another trip downriver on their houseboat, The Constant Companion, before flying to New York City to beard a lion in his den and unexpectedly meet the SOS.

Short Review:
I am a little disappointed in how this story turned. What worked for the first story was surely missing in this one, and the characters seemed very different. The all around rollercoaster ride took away from my enjoyment, and I just kept looking forward to when it would end.

From the first book Gray finds out he is a powerful Precog, you can my review for Three of Swords to get an idea and how it all started. The second books picked up right where the first was left and I was looking forward to it. Gray and Cooper find the key left by Graham (Gray’s grandfather) and it’s a key to open a safety deposit box. They are both surprised by box’s content and deliriously happy cus they were left a ton a cash. The box also contains some super priceless Tarot Cards, and an unspeakable amount of mystery.

The story then picks up when the money goes missing on their houseboat when nobody knew they even had it. Then count in the arrival of Gray’s cousin Harper, and this is where the story started to lose me. All these things happening and none of it really made sense. The money, the trip to New York, it just all felt ludicrous.

I was so greatly looking forward to reading this and it just felt like a whole bunch of scenes and words got thrown together. It lacked the chemistry between Gray/Cooper that the first book had. The plot and story surrounding Gray’s gifts needed to be tighter, and all the mysterious intrigue is starting to feel contrived.

Should You Read It? I don’t know… I really enjoyed the first book but this turned out to be a disappointing read for me. I will continue reading the series, if only to see if the magic of the first book returns.

3 Pants Off
Review: Book #1 Three of Swords

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