Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned by Cassandra Gold

Reviewed by Fehu
Lessons Learned, Wishes Earned (Evergreen) by Cassandra Gold
Dreamspinner Press
Short Story: 34pgs
4 Pants Off

Playing elf to Haven, the boss’s son, leaves Lachlan feeling he’s firmly on St. Nick’s Naughty list. Lachlan is sure Haven is just like the spoiled rich boy who broke his heart and ruined his life a year earlier. But after watching Haven help the less fortunate, Lachlan longs to offer him shelter on a lonely Christmas Eve. Maybe this year, he’ll actually get his Christmas wish.

Short Review:
Lachlan thought he was having a bad year, what with his last boyfriend being married and nearly managing to frame Lachlan for fraud. So he lost his job and now has to juggle two jobs and care for his parents. Then now he has to play the elf in the toy store where he is working together with the boss's son, Haven, who Lachlan assumes is a spoiled brat, just like his last boyfriend.

It turns out Lachlan couldn't be more wrong! Haven is not spoiled; he donates his time to help bring gifts to those who needs some cheering up and helps Lachlan with his chores so they can enjoy their holidays. Haven is caring and thoughtful and the best part it seems that he likes Lachlan...THAT way.

So the story is not really original what with a Santa and Elf pairing, only in costume of course ^_~

But it's sweet, made me smile and is just the right pick you up story in the stressful days of Christmas and if one has to deal with the whole family. The story proceeds at a nice pace and I felt sorry for Lachlan and the bad year he was having, so it was nice to read about him getting his happy end at Christmas (and the nice Santa). There is another message there as well, that some people had a worse year then we had and not to dwell on our own misery. Super cute read!

4 Pants Off

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