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Review: Poison by Megan Derr

Poison (The Lost Gods #4) by Megan Derr
Less Than Three Press
Novel: 236pgs
4 Pants Off

Nine gods ruled the world until the ultimate betrayal resulted in their destruction. Now, the world is dying and only by restoring the Lost Gods can it be saved.

Verde is ruled by the mortal reincarnations of their Lost Gods: the Faerie Queen, the Pegasus, and the Unicorn, slain nine centuries ago at the base of their Sacred Oak. Every one hundred years, the tragedy repeats itself, plunging Verde ever deeper into despair.

Now, the Tragedy of the Oak draws near and Gael, the Unicorn, grows increasingly afraid because of a dark secret kept by the Three: If he cannot find a way to break the tragic cycle, the Twelve White Beasts and his secret lover are cursed to die right alongside him.

I am going to call this one and say this series is turning out to be my fave this year. There is so much to love about the Lost Gods; I believe it should be on everyone's radar (if you love a good fantasy series). Though, Poison isn’t a fave of mine it’s still an excellent read, which should tell you a lot about the other books that came before this one.

Poison brings the return of Aillill who we first met in Treasure, and then in book two, Burning Bright where he was poisoned (tada) while on a mission to return the royal jewels to the Faire Queen of his homeland Verde. So I was happy to see him return healthy, and fulfilling his duty as a white beast. Being noble is not something Ailill wants to be, but he has a duty to fulfill and he will see it through. He will play a part in restoring the mortal reincarnations of the gods, the Pegasus, the unicorn, and the Faire Queen. For 900 years, the ritual has failed and this time they are hoping to finally restore the gods. Seem that someone has other plans and Ailill is smack dab in the middle of it. Because someone is poisoning all the white beasts and Ailill knows in due time he will be next.

Then comes Ivan, a mercenary Ailill met on his travels and a man he brought to his bed. It comes as a surprise when Ivan shows up at his home no longer a merc, now a duke. Together they try to solve the mysterious poisonings, so close to the ceremony of bringing the gods back to Verde. With no idea of where to start or where to look, Ailill can only look on as his brothers, sisters, and his home perish in a state of anger and hatred.

Seems that the gods of Verde have built a home on lies and betrayal and 900 years of history has been repeating itself. The unicorn, Prince Gael has a secret lover he hides from his siblings and use to be lovers. The story follows the two couples as they try to keep their relationship flowing in an up heave of violence and destruction. Whoever is poisoning the white beasts is someone close to them but if only they could figure out who would want to destroy them when they are close to bringing all three gods back.

All right folks, I really enjoyed this story but I did it find it frustrating and a little drawn out. It was so easy to figure out who was behind the poisonings and for the life of me; I just could not understand why it took so long for everyone else to. Yeh, it’s hard to see something when you are close to the problem but... gawd they took forever. Upside, lots more loving in this one and that made me happy. This one lacks the adventure and roller-coaster story line that I liked so much about the books before, but seriously, Poison is no disappointment. The ending kind of fell out in a rush but I always look forward to the endings in this series, I get to read, if only a little about the gods from the previous books.

Should You Read It? Yes! I believe this series is for all the fantasy lovers out there and should not be missed. Every story is so intricately woven together that I found myself going "oh I remember this".  I freaking love all the colourful characters, and it is never a dull moment with the Lost Gods. Fantastic!

4 Pants Off

 Book #1 Treasure 
 Book #2 Burning Bright
 Book #3 Stone Rose

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