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Review: Falling Into Place by Tia Fielding

Falling Into Place by Tia Fielding
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 214pgs
4 Pants Off

Following an amicable divorce, former stay-at-home dad Scott Mitchell needs to get a job—and a new lifestyle to help him manage his depression, since he lost his Domme along with his marriage. At least one of his problems is solved when finds work at Wilde Publishing. Fulfilling his boss’s needs at the office gives him a productive focus and pays the bills, but becoming a PA to publishing wunderkind Milo Brock isn’t without its trials.

After an injury put an end to his dreams of the NHL, Milo got an education and pursued other interests. At work, he runs Wilde’s sports division. At play, he’s always thought of himself as straight, but his attraction to his new PA casts that into doubt. Luckily a hard life has taught Milo to take things in stride.

Scott and Milo are battling separate lives, ghosts from their pasts, a sister dying of cancer, and a clash of preferences in the bedroom. Scott needs to submit to keep himself balanced; Milo prefers vanilla sex. If they can’t find some middle ground, they’ll lose the support they both desperately need.

I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this book, after the huge fail I read by this author called Technically Dead. So yes, I had some apprehension about how good Falling Into Place would be, but it turned out to be quite good, and far surpassed my expectations. I call that a win!

Scott Mitchell is depressed and has no idea how to move forth and find some happiness. You could say he is happily married with his two kids, but his life is lacking something more. His Mistress is also his wife Heather; she can't provide the pain he needs to keep him sane, and functional. Scott finds himself just going through the motions and living his head. This ultimately leads to an accident and the end of his marriage. Now he has to go out find himself a job and start over, while lacking the pain and subordination that he craves.

Scott lands a job at a sports publishing company, and the routine gives him an escape and most night leaves him exhausted so he can keep the darkness away. Scott is very good at his job, becomes a huge importance to fledging company, and a friend to his boss Milo Brock. The men hit it off right away, and Scott becomes comfortable in sharing his wants/needs, and the nightmares of his past with Milo. The friendship becomes more, and Milo is faced with the how & whys in being a competent Dom for Scott. While Scott is thinking maybe, he's asking for too much from the man that has become so much more than just a friend.

I was worried about how the author would deliver the story, but it came together very well. The story is very much a discovering/coming out of two men finding themselves and saving each other. Sex takes a back seat within the plot, and the book focuses on family, and the importance of friends. Scott and Milo take a journey together, with Scott having experienced BDSM lifestyle for some years with his wife, but never having exploring it fully. While Scott was learning, Milo was there along with him learning too.

I did find Scott's past tragedy to be over the top, and it failed to provide a realistic background. Because all I kept thinking was 'that's just crazy' and eye roll numerous happened. I'm glad that BDSM wasn't used as some sort of therapy for Scott, and the author made it a different issue instead of it remaining singular. Really, lots to like about this one!

Should You Read It? I am going with yes, because Tia Fielding has redeemed herself for me with this book. The story is emotional, loving, and entertaining. It is rare that I read and enjoy book without dirty, dirty love. While there is a sex scene, the relationship between Scott, Milo, and his family totally steal the show. I enjoyed it!

4 Pants Off

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