Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Weight Of A Gun II

Weight Of A Gun II Edited by S.L Armstrong
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 88pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Everyone knows that guns are dangerous; they have long been a subject surrounded by controversy. Combine them with sex and you have a subject that is virtually taboo, but smoking hot. Our second gun kink anthology continues to push the envelope of combining sex and guns with three more stories hot enough to cause powder burns.

Continuing in the world of The Machinist, Avery Belfour and his captor/lover Lord Harrow now face the threat of The Inquisitor. But Harrow is very possessive of his prize and has no intention of turning Avery over without a fight.

Then, a routine black market bust goes wrong for Officer Caleb Baker. He ends up Playing With the Big Boys when the thieves get the drop on him and decide to have some fun with their new catch.

And finally, Cole Beauchamp is the greatest pistoleer of all time; he's also thoroughly unpleasant and has a habit of scaring away his assistants. But when he is sought out by a devotee with a love of guns that matches his own, Cole finds a new respect for Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders.

I was really looking forward to read this one, because book one was so awesome I wanted to experience more gunplay. The amount of stories is significantly less than the first book, but not to worry the quality is still up to par. I wouldn't say I am blown away with this anthology, but it was still enjoyable.

The Inquisitor by Gryvon
First, I am always a fan of anything written by this author. Always dark and so wickedly erotic I am caught up in whatever world I am reading. The Inquisitor is the sequel to The Machinist that was apart of the Weight Of A Gun anthology (book 1). Where I found the first story to be quite good, The Inquisitor seals the deal for having my attention. Avery and Harrow's relationship is so complex, and with a shocking turn of events, I'm just wanting more from this world. The gunplay is raw and dirty, and these guys play it hard (I'm talking safety off).

Overall, I liked this one and I am impatiently waiting for the next instalment because I have lots more questions this time around.

Playing With the Big Boys by Scarlet Blackwell
Alright, I don't even know how I feel about this one. Caleb is a cop and about to bust some punk ass thieves (my description of the thieves) instead he is captured and becomes their sex toy. They tie him up, take the gun out and get all down and dirty with Caleb who likes to be in the drivers]’s seat but doesn't like to be driven (that was clearly a pun).

This is pretty much a PWP, because I consider it one giant sex scene. I like Scarlet Blackwell's writing but this one failed to "wow" me. I did like that a possible relationship could come of this, even though it started out non-con and impossibly crazy. I think the absurd factor kicked at the end of this one, I would have probably liked it more without the involvement Caleb's partner.

Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders by Cornelia Grey
Wowza! I was very iffy about this story when it started but then it became all kinds of fantabulous. Benjamin Pepperwhistle (what a name) wants to join the circus and he wants to work with world famous pistoleer Cole Beauchamp as his assistant. See, Benjamin likes guns he likes them a whole darn lot.

The gunplay in this one is different, and so sexy. Benjamin and Cole seem so destined even in such a few pages. I really like how Cornelia Grey writes and this is the second story by the author that has both surprised and captured me. Life in the Circus of Wonders is exhilarating and interesting, would love to read more about these characters.

Once again, SMP manages to put interesting stories in another anthology with authors who don't mind pushing things a bit. While not as awesome as book one Weight of A Gun II still delivers. Plus that cover is made of all kinds of awesome.

3.5 Pants Off

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  1. Hi Darien - thanks for the great review, and I'm really glad you liked my story :) ! I kind of want to run away with the Circus of Wonders right along with Benjamin...


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