Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Until It's Time to Go by Connie Bailey

Until It's Time To Go by Connie Bailey
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 220pgs
3.25 Pants Off

When a tragedy derailed his life, screenwriter Isaac Zevin became a recluse. Between the cheesy straight-to-video action scripts and his drinking problem, he’s surprised to get a call from Tony Kendall, the award-winning director he was slated to work with just before he fell off the map. After some persuading, Isaac agrees to help Tony realize his modernized vision of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

On set, Isaac is horrified to find the lead role filled by heartthrob superstar Colby Lightner, an actor Isaac believes embodies everything that’s wrong with Hollywood. Colby, on the other hand, couldn't be happier to work with Isaac and resolves to make Isaac like him. As Isaac deals with his unwelcome attraction to Colby and the stress of writing a script during production, Laith, his troubled godson, shows up at his door looking for help. Isaac knows if he turns his back on the boy, he’ll never forgive himself. But how can he juggle his craft, his crush, and his godson’s problems when he can’t even take care of his cat?

Another book I was looking forward to reading, but it really didn't quite live up to its potential. Beginning with a prologue that had me rolling my eyes, because I wasn't feeling any of the so called grief the character was trying to express. It was the most unnecessary long prologue ever, and could have easily been wrapped up in a few paragraphs in the first chapter.

Isaac Zevin lost his partner a little over 10yrs ago, and from the moment he lost Steve he has gone into a downward spiral. He was right on the brink of his career as a talented Screen writer, but it all comes tumbling down. He left Hollywood behind in pursuit of odd jobs and drowning his sorrow in a bottle or two, with his cat as his only companion. For 10yrs he roamed with no purpose but he's decided to finally go home and write again. But staying out of the spotlight is hard for Isaac when he gets offered a job to write the script for a modern day Dorian Grey; it’s a job he just can't turn down. What it does mean is that his sourly ass has to deal with people, and Hollywood’s heartthrob Colby Lightner.

The book has fantastic writing, and Isaac is so snarky and witty that it’s very easy to like him. What made it fall short for me is that I felt like Isaac didn't evolve. He was just snarky all the freaking time, and it eventually took away from his progression when it came to relationships. Also the romance part didn't really do anything for me, and Colby didn't feel like he belonged with Isaac. I wasn't buying their relationship, which made Isaac's feelings very understandable. Another thing not needed was the epilogue, made the story drag and made me do eye roll numerous.

What I did enjoy was Isaac's relationship with his cat, and the cat's death was the saddest part of the story for me (not even Steven's death brought a tear). Another good thing was the relationship with his nephew Laith, which showed a compassionate side of Isaac, and brought light the effects of his drinking. I am surprised no one really voiced a concern about his drinking (like a strong concern) instead of nonchalantly pointing it out. He really had a problem, and I doubt he could have just quit cold turkey without some withdrawal symptoms.

The plot progression...well there wasn't really much. It’s like Isaac changed a little but then he didn't change at all. So yeh, my feelings are mixed on this one. The writing was good, and I really do like Isaac but I didn't enjoy Until It's Time to Go as much as I had hoped.

Should You Read It? This is a hard one to call, cus I am all over the place with my own feelings. If the blurb interests you, then you should probably check it out and also if you're fan of Connie Bailey.

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