Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Your Biggest Fan by Missy Welsh

Your Biggest Fan (Greek's Invented Love #1) by Missy Welsh
Novella: 160pgs
4 Pants Off

Truman Durant has two painful secrets. One keeps him in the closet and the other hangs inside his closet. Letting either out seems like the equivalent of suicide to him. He didn’t know just how badly he needed Stasi Manolis until he found himself in the pushy Greek’s sights. Would giving up his secrets and maybe falling in love really be so bad?

My first book by Missy Welsh was My Summer of Wes which is absolutely awesmazing. So I was really excited to read Your Biggest Fan, but man I wasn’t expecting the amount of sexy that’s in the story. Plus, nothing gets me happy like a man who likes to dress up a bit.

Truman Durant has two secrets and both leave him with crippling fear if anyone was to ever find out. He fears that he will lose his friends and the athletic scholarship he got, because Truman doesn't want to live in his car like he once had to. A scandal caused him to lose his family, home, and just thinking about it happening again makes him break out in a cold sweat. You see, Truman is gay and he likes to dress up in woman's clothes now and again. There times he gets caught in overwhelming need and finds hook-ups on the internet but they always leave him feeling dirty and used. Yet, he feels like it’s the only thing he deserves and keeps his closely guarded secrets under lock and key. That is until there was Stasi Manolis, a big whole Greek who got by all his defences and healed his heart.

Stasi Manolis is out and proud, and confident in whom he is. He's tired of taking smack from the jock fraternity so he's gonna crash one of their parties. Not really for the purpose of causing trouble, but for his eyes to land on the blonde beauty that is Truman Durant. Stasi notices that Truman is skittish but interested and he's willing do anything to get his attention (not as creepy as it sounds). What he finds out about Truman while in caring stalker mode, both surprises and excited him. Seems his stunning blonde beauty is also a bombshell.

The men begin a tentative relationship, mostly due to Truman's experience; Stasi becomes a friend, and also a lover. Stasi is out and proud but Truman is stuck in the closet, and just the thought of coming out leaves him in crippling fear. So their relationship has to be a secret, and it means Truman gets to dress up in pretty clothes only for Stasi. A disaster comes in the form of Truman's frat brother, who’s a complete homophobic asshole, but it’s not all complete angst. There's light at the end of the tunnel, and Truman gets the light hearted feeling he's longed for plus a hot hairy Greek sex god.

I really liked this one, loved the whole cross-dressing and Truman was a real sweetie. I just could not understand how he was so clueless, I can understand him being wrapped up in his fear but man...he really had no idea and his hiding wasn't needed. I liked Stasi too, so glad he made an appearance in Truman's life because Truman was playing a dangerous game with internet hook-ups (dangerous game). He needed his big hairy Greek to teach him to love himself.

Geek Level: This one is a low 2 out of 5. Yes Truman is jock but he's also super smart and dedicated to his work. He's loves Algebra and Chemistry (total nerd) and he wears glasses to read which kicks up the geek level a notch. His nerdiness wasn't the overall focus of the book, so we didn't get geek all the time. He's still a nerd though  :D

4 Pants Off

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