Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Here Come de Judge (and He's Wearing Victoria's Secret) by Jude Dunn

Headline: New Study Suggests Cross-dressing Rampant among U.S. Senators?

Perhaps you're familiar with the use of the question mark by journalists? It's a telltale sign of laziness, and almost always indicates lack of research and intent to grab eyeballs without vetting sources or verifying facts. So rest assured, dear reader, that the above headline is as fake as the botched boob job on my poor, transgender-wanna-be pet terrier, Scotty McDongle. (He wants me to call him Doreen, but I refuse until the hormone therapy is complete.)

Politicians do cross-dress, of course. And one who does is front and center in my new e-book from Less Than Three Press, titled The Birdman of Saginaw.

Lucas Gourdeau is a circuit court judge in Saginaw, Michigan. Early thirties, fit, and handsome. He’s also gay, and he loves to wear women's panties. He collects birds of every kind and has an extensive outdoor aviary. When Dave Rogers, a twenty-six-year-old football jock working at a pet store, delivers two sun conures to Gourdeau at his Victorian home, sparks fly. Gourdeau is taken with Dave, who’s full of angst over losing his chance to play pro football to a knee injury. Dave's mind is blown by the attention of a sexy, worldly-wise and confident man who’s levels beyond his station in life.

But there are problems.

Here’s an excerpt in which Dave tries to make sense of his first encounter with Gourdeau:

His trip yesterday felt as though it was weeks in the past. Had he known his life would change the moment he rolled to a stop in front of Lucas's Victorian mansion, he might have spent less time fretting about it. In retrospect, walking into the elegant home wasn't unlike falling down Lewis Carroll's famous rabbit hole, except that, instead of a young girl named Alice at the bottom, an incredibly handsome man with cool blue eyes waited to lead him into Wonderland. But it wasn't Wonderland. Inside was a world of stately beauty, levels above his upbringing, everything tidy, everything settled.
Except for the goose on the back porch. And the backyard—what did Lucas call it? The Meadow. More like a nature preserve. And the aviaries—three giant walk-in cages with more birds than I could count, all of them different. 
Dave blushed every time he reached this point. In his mind he watched a sexy stud who looked too young to be a judge squat in front of his new birds. The back of his tee shirt lifted, his jeans rode down, and the top of his Victoria's Secret panties showed.
After several attempts to make sense of things, Dave chose an analogy inspired by the only elective he actually enjoyed before dropping out of college. 
Like I'm in a Norman Rockwell and someone holds it over the floor and shakes it so hard I fall into a Salvador Dali below it. Which is the best explanation I can think of for my brain picking the exact moment Lucas showed me his panties to give epilepsy a try to see if it might be fun.

The Birdman of Saginaw is my first published work with Less Than Three Press, and I’m delighted to join their roster of authors. I write in several genres, but my first love is gay romance and erotica. I’m working on a variety of stories and a novel, and I blog at judedunn.com. Don’t drop by unless you enjoy being pleasured by words (wink-wink).

And check out the wide variety of other m/m stories at Less Than Three Press to delight your senses and body parts.

Oh yes, about those senators in the fake headline? More than a few have been rumored to sport less-than-masculine garments under their power suits. The women senators? I suppose they’re grateful that cross-dressing isn’t mainstream just yet. It’s hard enough doing the country’s business without having to advise old-establishment males on lingerie choices.


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Jude Dunn is an author whose work spans a number of genres, including gay romance and erotica, science fiction, thrillers and adventure stories, and mainstream fiction. He is an editor for a specialty publishing house by day, but his passion is telling tales that entertain and inspire his readers. Dunn lives in Chicago and enjoys a number of pastimes, from gourmet cooking and sampling a variety of wines to jazz and performing his own music as a local pianist. His cat, who has yet to answer to any of the myriad names Dunn has tried, keeps him company in between his always anticipated and passionate visits to Toronto to spend time with his husband of nine years. Dunn’s work is sometimes subtle, sometimes fiery, but is always an entertaining and satisfying read.


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