Friday, May 10, 2013

Geek Week Winners!!!

WOW! What a week it was, and so happy so many of you popped by to read the reviews and check out the guest posts (much love). And now its the time to announce the wonderful winners of a fantastic giveaway. Once again, a huge thanks to the authors that donated a copy (or two) of their books.

Urb- Too Stupid To Live
Erica Pike- Too Stupid To Live
Chrissy- Nobody's Hero
Julianna- Closet Capers
Sam- Pawn Takes Rook
Issa- After The First Taste of Love
Finsup- How To Repair A Mechanical Heart
H.B- Venetian Masks
Kassandra- Moon Shadows
Melora- Social Skills
Karl- Astronomical
Valarie- Trust In Me
Suze- Party Boy's Guide To Dating A Geek
Connie- Sauntering Vaguely Downward
Kerry- Tech Support

*Winners chosen using* Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented, and hooray for Geeks!

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