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Review: The Art of the Deal by B.A Stretke

Reviewed by Fehu
The Art of The Deal by B.A Stretke
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 200pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Sean Robbins’s life rarely goes according to plan, which leaves him suspicious and determined to make it on his own. But when he learns why he failed to win a coveted internship with Chicago’s leading lawyer, Coleman West, he soldiers on and takes a lesser position in West’s firm instead. It won’t stop him from snubbing Mr. West whenever he runs into him. Never mind that Mr. West is not only brilliant but gorgeous. Sean has his pride.

People assume Coleman West was handed everything he has on a silver platter. Not so—he fought and scraped his way to the top of Chicago’s elite. That hard work taught him to set high standards for those he chooses to work with… or date. So when he gets on an elevator and runs into the very man he dismissed as being beneath him, the instant chemistry surprises him.

Sean and Coleman could be happy together, but first they must overcome everything that stands in their way: backstabbing, jealousy, and their own pride and prejudices.


I think this one is a book you either like or hate. Coleman is a difficult character to like and he is one of the main characters of this story, so I understand why someone might dislike the whole story. Also the writing isn't always flowing, some sentences sound a bit stiff coming from a young person like Sean and he is repeating himself a lot. There are quite some reasons for him to dislike Cole, all understandable and I don't know why is mostly concentrating on one. Why didn't he ask Coleman if he would still have been so nice to him if Sean wasn't cute? Would Coleman have gone ahead and destroy someone’s career on just one resume that he didn’t bother to properly read through or to ask why the professor would give him a recommendation!

I dislike arrogant snobs, who think that they are better than the rest and Coleman is just that! Sean has returned to school after taking one year of, he is top of his classes in his legal-assistant program and has the recommendations of his professors to a great intern program. Coleman sees the part about returning student and that he has worked in a night club and decides to destroy Sean’s career, because he doesn't see him as someone worthy to work for his company or any serious legal company. I wish I could say he changed his mind after giving Sean a chance or watch him work, but no he noticed him, because of his looks and his peculiar behaviour, namely not escaping Coleman's presence, whenever he could. Of course Sean is trying to avoid Coleman, after reading his letter of rejection, which was quite nasty for one.

So Coleman didn't change a lot he is very commanding, overrides Sean's wishes and while he is supposed to treat his boyfriends very badly and like his own independence, well he acts quite clingy, at least in the beginning with Sean and somewhat stalkerish. He doesn't change a lot and while he regrets what he has written, I wasn’t left with that niggling thought that he regrets it after he met Sean and became intrigued by him, he didn’t actually see Sean working before deciding, that he must be a great person and that he shouldn't treat any human being like he has.

I finished the book pretty quickly, it a nice contemporary read, which isn't instant love. Sean dislikes Coleman in the beginning and he is right to do that, I just felt that something was missing and that Coleman changed his opinion too fast for a pretty face (Sean isn't only a pretty face, but Coleman didn't know it then). The premise of the story was interesting and plot wasn't bad either. I liked Sean, even when I didn't agree with all of his decisions. It was nice to see Coleman having to work to be liked by Sean; I wish it had taken him somewhat longer to get into Sean's good graces.

3.5 Pants Off

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