Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Cambion Epi 2: Black Magic Woman by Cari Z.

Dark Around the Edges (Cambion #2): Black Magic Woman by Cari Z.
Storm Moon Press
Short Story: 43pgs
4 Pants Off

Tracking Porter Grey means making a deal with Lynlis Syfer, a witch with a gift for finding the unfindable. It takes something special to catch the eye of a woman like that, and so Devon and Rio split up in order to blacken the eyes of Lynlis' two main rivals. But that just gets them in the door. To secure her help requires a sacrifice that may be higher than the boys can afford.

This serial is getting more awesome by the episode, and I am 100% invested in the characters. Rio and Devon have found a certain groove together, away from all the sexual chemistry they sorta just fit. After the one man rescue team Rio pulled in extracting Devon from takedown gone wrong the men (I use that word loosely) still have yet to capture their target the elusive Porter Grey, demon summoner extraordinaire. They're gonna need to bring in some big help, which might or might not put them in all kinds of danger. So with the bright lights of Las Vegas and of course the seediness, Devon and Rio has to put all their skills to the test. They will move in the circles of a black magic woman, while trying to keep their explosive chemistry under-wraps (well Devon's explosive sexuality).

I just love the adventure these guys are on while searching for Porter Grey, and every new character introduced give me feels like a kid in a candy store. Some are clouded in mystery (ahem Rio), some are so interested you hope they end up getting more page time, and others seem just a tad bit bat shit crazy (Lynlis). But even though the focus seems to be all case work all the time, we get to know Rio and Devon a little more and look at their ever evolving relationship. Makes me wonder with Devon being a Cambion (half incubus demon) can anything long-lasting become of their relationship (oh man I hope their long lasting ever loving and monogamous to each other).

So yeh, I am all types of hooked on this and can't wait to dive in the follow up story. I am looking forward to more interesting characters, explosive sex, and finding out exactly what Rio is. Man, is something other and curious minds are dying to know *me*. Love Cari Z's writing and look forward to anything that mind of hers pushes out. Can I just say "On to the next one!”.

4 Pants Off
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  1. I just read Epi 4 (arc) and I just have to tell you it only gets better.So Much Better! I haven't written my review yet, but I want to get everyone to read this series. It's so much fun, so sexy and ugh, just great.

    Great review!
    Lisa T


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