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Review: City Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

City Mouse (Country Mouse, #2) by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov
Riptide Publishing
Novel: 160pgs
3 Pants Off

A magical weekend, a breathless declaration, a happy ever after . . . Right?


When Malcolm Kavanagh took his first step toward emotional maturity by declaring his love to Owen Watson, that was just the first chapter in their story. Anyone who’s ever been in love knows that happy endings take a lot more work than that.

One problem: Malcolm has never been in love. He doesn’t know the rules of a relationship and isn’t confident enough to trust that his is real. He learns the ropes by sharing his life and his flat with Owen, but relationship boot camp proves a challenge. Everything is a struggle, from accepting Owen’s low-status job to putting his boyfriend above his personal trainer.

Luckily, Owen knows a little more about relationships, and labors patiently to survive the first six weeks of their life together. From the art galleries of Cambridge to the tawdry majesty of the Dominion theatre, Owen adapts to England while Malcolm adapts to the whole human race. Maybe, if Owen is patient enough and Malcolm learns to give, the two of them can make it past Relationship Armageddon to a real happy ending.

All the ways I was really excited about reading this one but in the end I am feeling very dissatisfied about it. The charm that was present in the first book was surely lacking in this one, in the end everything felt all over the place and I couldn't quite make a connection with most of what was happening.

We met Owen in Country Mouse, where he was this small town boy visiting London and staying with a friend. When he meets Malcolm in a seedy bar, sparks fly and he finds himself spending his last weekend in bed with Malcolm. It was supposed to be a one weekend fling type of thing, but suddenly feelings are involved and Owen wants to stay but it would all depend on his subby top that has no idea about the ins and out of any kind of relationship. Well, to Owen surprise Malcolm wanted him to stay and thus begins the life of a relationship forged in a weekend. City Mouse picks up from there, and can their love that happened so quickly survive the coming of being together every day, or is their love destined to doom due to overall pride and the fact that Malcolm just can't admit he's a sub through and through.

City Mouse was just really a look into see how Malcolm and Owen relationship is faring, and Owen adapting to London life. Their relationship stand to take a hit when Owen gets a job in a seedy part of town (seedy for Malcolm) and his other half doesn't approve. Thus begins the struggle of what’s a not good enough, doubt about rushing into things, and all that pride Malcolm seems to possess. It’s the aftermath of when things just seem to happen all too soon, and the realities of life creeps up on them. Then, all that just seemed to get wrapped up in a cloud of sex (very hot sex) but a lot nonetheless. This is the story to see if Owen and Malcolm can make it past the honeymoon sweet life, or sink to depths of a love that happened all too quickly.

Whereas I loved Country Mouse...City Mouse just didn't pack all that magic. I wasn't n the same wave length as Owen and Malcolm, I feel like a lot got lost in translation and I was lost. The entirety of the story felt stuck in the same place, and where I felt Owen is a solid character, Malcolm is still just stuck in a place. I don't get his thinking, and I think this is where the author styles crashed (not burned) just crashed. To top it all off, it all just seemed like sex, sex, and more hot sex. I ain't a prude but...for this it just felt like too much. I was getting all the lust, and I couldn't get past that. I got the "I love you(s)" but most of the time I didn't feel them, and the story felt still incomplete. Malcolm is such a mess and I feel like more should be in order, cus Owen needs to top the hell out of him, and he needs to stop being such a sporadic mess (slow your freaking role Malcolm). So, while not as good as Country Mouse it was still a nice look into the after.

Should You Read It? Yes, if you liked Owen and Malcolm from Country Mouse. A really nice look into their love story, though far from perfect, still freaking cute to read. My connection to characters was less in this one, but still a solid story by very talented writer and it’s worth a read if anything for the pants losing heat.

3 Pants Off
Review: Book #1 Country Mouse

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