Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: Just Call Me Kris by Allen Mack

Just Call Me Kris by Allen Mack
JMS Books
Short Story: 20pgs
3.25 Pants Off

It’s Christmas Eve, but the season doesn’t seem very merry and bright for Mike and Karl. Interns in a major New York City hospital, both men are away from their hometown of New Orleans and miss it terribly. Their tiny apartment has barely enough room for a bed, let alone a Christmas tree.

Lonely, they console each other with a long, leisurely make-out session that looks like it will lead to something more between them. But before they get too involved, the doorbell rings, interrupting them. It’s a late-night delivery, a present from their friends, but when they open the door, who should appear?

Not a jolly old elf, but a southern Santa by the name of Kris Kringle stands before them, hot and hung and ready to satisfy their every sexual desire.

Short Review:
Its Christmas Eve and Mike and Karl are missing their hometown. As interns at a hospital they got stuck with holiday hours, so they'll be spending the holidays in New York, in their tiny apartment. With the tiny place having no room for more than a bed the make do with a tiny Christmas tree to bring holiday to cheer to their gloomy space. Though they would rather spend their holidays in New Orleans, they still have each other and there’s nothing like a little sexy time to put them at ease. But before things get heated up, there is a knock on the door which could only mean gifts from friends. When they do open up the door, it’s nothing but a sexy Santa come baring gifts.

At first glance Santa looks like old Kris Kringle but when he literally starts baring all good ole Kris is sexy man here looking for a sexy time. Mike and Karl have always wanted to try a ménage, but never found the right person but its seems to be their lucky night cus things are heating up fast, and sexy ole Kris is most definitely giving them a good night.

This is sexy short with a little paranormal twist to it (at least to me). Because it seems Kris was not a gift from friends and his appearance seemed to be different to both men, they don't question it but bask in the glow of the amazing sex. This is a short quick read that can be enjoyed if you're in the mood for something simple. The writing flows well, and bound to bring holiday cheer no matter which month/season you read it in. Very cute!!

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