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Review: Scavengers September by K.A Merikan

Scavengers: September by K.A Merikan
Novella: 117pgs
3 Pants Off

--- Keeping his wife happy was hard enough without a gay lover and the zombie Plague. ---

In July of 1893, James Hurst, a perfect English gentleman, had retrieved a treasure that would secure the financial future of his family, got scarred by a zombie and lost his virginity to Ira Russell, the mercenary he hired. After a rocky start, their mutual fascination makes James happier than ever.

Despite initial worries, Ira has no trouble blending in with the aristocratic household. Even James’ young son comes to adore the new teacher of survival tactics and his maritime stories. His wife on the other hand takes a different sort of interest in Ira. Her infatuation with him is the living proof of James’ failure as a husband, but is it too late to pick up the pieces? With a political opponent watching his every move and the threat of a terrorist attack on London, James is walking a tightrope. Can he keep his family safe without giving up on his newfound happiness (and Ira’s skills in tying him up)?
"Scavengers: September" is the third and last book in a three part series and is set in the universe of “Gentlemen’s Tales of Love, Lust and the Undead”.

July 1893 finds James Hurst baring the zombie apocalypse to retrieve values from his family home. He had to take on the help of a Mercenary, one called Ira Russel a man who brought out feelings that another man should ever have for another. James has survived a zombie bite, hordes of zombie, and yet he can’t seem to win the fight of staying away from Ira. With a wife and young son at home, important job responsibilities, yet James finds himself unable to stay away. Succumbing to the sins of the flesh isn't something James is proud of, but he loves and adores Ira and there is just no way is he giving him up regardless of the living threat that hangs over their heads.

In Scavengers September Ira is now a part of the Hurst household, and James couldn’t be happier. He has his lover under the same roof, though being discreet for their rendezvous is at the outmost importance so he doesn't cause his dear wife distress. In all truth, James is cheating but his acceptance is clouded is that; his wife is like a friend he shares a child with. Yes, he married his wife out of obligation but he's brought the man he's sleeping with and introduced him as a friend. To add more spice to the spicy, James's wife is starting to feel a little something/something for Ira, because he clearly is very irresistible. With hordes of zombie barricaded outside the city, James and Ira's only threat is a devious little woman who happens to know the nature of their relationship and is dead set on a little blackmail which could possibly bring all James have worked for to an end.

Alright, so I really liked the first books in this series and found the characters to be delightful but now I can't help feeling like the conclusion is a letdown. First, I can't help like feeling that James has no backbone; I thought he would be bad ass (I feel no character development from him). Second, he brings his lover into his family home. That’s just a little too much, regardless of whether your wife is like a friend or not. Third, the development of the overall plot just kind of hit a wall, and provided filler with James/Ira sex scenes (hot scenes but filler nonetheless). Then the ending was somewhat ridiculous and it all felt very contrived, and in the end I was very disappointed. I think this one was missing the magic that the other stories managed to offer up.

Should You Read It? Well, I really like the first story, and the second was very enjoyable so those defi are worth a looking into. As for this one...I can't recommend it.

3 Pants Off
Review: Book #1 Scavengers: July

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