Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: What's In A Name by Jaidon Wells

Hey! Thanks for having me today, you guys. I’m here promote Dandy, and today I wanted to talk about a pretty specific element of the book, which composes only one of many facets of humor present in the book, but which is personally one of my favorites to plan out. That being: the names of places. And, with this book, I got the personal pleasure of naming many different places, given that the story does not take place at a university or in a city that exists in the real world (and I have been genetically engineered to be unwilling to put a typical and well known place of business where I could come up with something of my own that lends comedic effect).

Perhaps my favorite of these places (the other top contenders being a restaurant named Thai Me Up and another called Chicken Out) is A Whole Latte Love, a coffee shop introduced in the beginning of the book and reintroduced throughout the story, which names its coffee after Romantic Poets

Andrew is a little overwhelmed, between grad school, his bookstore job, crazy friends, and a roommate slowly turning criminal. The very last thing he needs is more stress, but it's what he gets anyway, in the form of Cassidy, the frustrating, intriguing, and supposed-to-be-dead brother of his law-breaking roommate.

Throw in a flamboyant campus hero, a series of kitchen fires, a slanderous romance manuscript, stoner music shops, an arguably-mad scientist, a terrible indie band, and a blue period, and Andrew realizes that being overwhelmed is easy. It's the rapidly spinning out of control that's a bit difficult to handle.

You can buy it here.

If you’d like a chance to win an ebook copy of Dandy, just comment below with email. One commenter will be chosen using to receive a copy in the format of their choice. The give-away will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, August 11th.

About the Author
Jaidon was born in South Bend, Indiana, and spent some time in Michigan, before settling down in Dalls, Texas. He sometimes regrets this because of the god-awful summers and the fact that he’s picked up a bit of a southern accent. Y’all, it’s unfortunate. In Spring of 2013, he received a degree in Psychology from the University of North Texas, which is problematic only because now everyone he knows seems to have developed a psychiatric disorder. Weird.

Jaidon has been an avid reader since childhood and wrote his first short story at 7 (which has, fortunately, been lost to the ages) and attempted his first novel at 13 (which, unfortunately, has not been lost to the ages; he still has a copy on his computer). He started out writing stories with the full intent of breaking the reader’s heart, and, now, has somehow ended up writing all comedy and romance with happy endings. Go figure.

You can find Jaidon online at:


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  6. I saw some chicken farm truck with a Cluckingham Palace logo, and was so sorry I hadn't thought of it myself! I'd love to read this...


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