Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: The Pauper Prince by Sui Lynn

Reviewed by Fehu
The Pauper Prince by Sui Lynn
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 200pgs
3 Pants Off

Andrew Reed is smart and educated, but as long as his people are enslaved to the vampires, his options are limited. When he discovers a strange young man in his family’s barn, he shifts forms and trails the thief, trying to decipher why he smells familiar with a hint of something more. Excited by what he discovers, he reveals himself to Lance, and they return to Lance's camp in the forest.

When Andrew's family takes it on themselves to “help” by investigating Lance’s past, Andrew finds something neither of them could have imagined. If they band together, they have a chance to win their freedom—and a brighter future for all the races.

An interesting take on the vampire/shifter relationship, I had great expectations for this book, sadly I didn't connect to the characters and that took some of my enjoyment of this story. Lance is an orphan and running away from his past, he was abused in the foster system and doesn't trust people easily. Strangely enough he is quick to trust Andrew, who caught him "borrowing" tools from his shed.

When Andrew gives chase to a fleeing Lance, Lance shifts into a wolf and is pretty fast, ok with this new development and with Andrews’s presence in his life. A lot of mundane things are described, about them fixing up Lance's cabin for the winter, quite detailed too, so that the interesting part and the whole vampire/shifter conflict didn't come up until later. Sadly the insta-love came up pretty quick, after 20% or so into the story, I love you were exchanged, which seemed awfully quick to me. Also the love declarations got a bit too much for me, there is sweet and then there is a sugary coma and this one was closer to the second option.

What I found strange is that one of them was referred to as a female in their relationship. I mean why? They are both guys, why do any of them need to be the woman? I like m/m romances, this is an m/m romance, why would one of the characters need to be a woman, sorry, but this one really set my teeth on edge. The writing is nice enough and the dialogues are all right, but I though it lacked a spark and could really lose some sugar and melodrama.

Should You Read It? If you like paranormal series with shifters and don't mind insta-love, you might wanna give this one a chance. I think this one is a hit or miss book, some will like it others will not, it all depends on one's mood and preferences.

3 Pants Off

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