Friday, October 18, 2013

New Reviewers! (Updated)

WooHoo! I am so excited to share with the new additions to the Pants Off team. I know how slow its been here for the past few months, and just Fehu and me we couldn't quite meet the demand. So now with fresh meat there will be so many voices to Pants Off Reviews but what will remain the same is our very honest opinions all the freaking time.

So let me introduce you to Elbie & SinChan for right now and hope you welcome them with big open arms. YAY!!

Hi, I'm Elbie and I am happy to join the Pants Off team.  I live in a small city in a small home where I am vastly outnumbered by pets and vastly outsmarted by a 10-year-old.  My favourite escape is my ereader and the beautiful boys who live in there waiting for love to surprise them.  I sob through their heart aches, cheer their HEAs, and blush through their sexy time (before flipping back to read it again).  I look forward to discovering new authors and to just being a part of the fantastic m/m community.

I first discovered M/M romance from reading yaoi manga and then fanfiction. I'm an otaku at heart. I love Japanese culture and I've been to Japan. I like seafood, sushi, and most Asian foods. Most of the time, I'm on my phone reading ebooks. I love it when books have a happy ending, are well written, and are emotional satisfying. I also review books at my own blog, Books on Silver Wings.

My Mother started my love affair with books when I was just 8 years old. I started reading and just haven’t stopped yet. At 12 I started reading romance novels and that was all she wrote!! I started reading M/M books about a year and a half ago and OH MY LANTA!! I have been on a Roll!! I’m so very lucky to have been able to join the Pants Off Reviews Crew!! Here’s to Way More Happy Reading!!

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