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Review: Marked by Garrett Leigh

Reviewed by SinChan
Marked (Roads #1.5) by Garrett Leigh
Dreamspinner Press
Short Story: 20pgs
3 Pants Off

Missing Moment from Slide 

It's been six months since Ash shuffled into Pete's life and turned his world upside down, and six months since they sat in an all-night diner plotting Ash's theoretical solution for Pete's faded, botched tattoo. Pete has just about given up hope of Ash ever fulfilling his promise when one day the end of a long shift finds Ash waiting for him. 

Tonight is the night. 

Ash is ready, and it seems the time has come for him to leave his mark on Pete in more ways than he ever imagined.

Short Review
If you've read Slide, the first book, and liked it, you should definitely consider reading this one. This is a light read focused on a missing moment in Slide of when Ash gives Pete a tattoo. There are no spoilers in the story for the first book.

Originally, Ash is shy and jaded from years of living on the streets, but Pete wins his heart with his personality and trust. They started out as roommates but they eventually become lovers. 6 months later, Ash decides to give Pete a redesigned tattoo to make up for a botched tattoo and this is where the short story starts. I love how this short story shows how well the MCs interact, understand, and lean against each other. Of course, there are some sexy scenes too.

For anyone who hasn't read Slide, this is a great short story to familiarize yourself to Pete and Ash's story and the tone of the story in Slide. As a standalone story though, this is very plain and it can be confusing without the context of Slide. So it is best read after reading Slide, the first book, to be able to savour Pete and Ash's new level of trust.

3 Pants Off
Review: Book #1 Slide

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