Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Kai for Christmas by E.T Malinowski

Reviewed by SinChan
Kai for Christmas by E.T Malinowski
Dreamspinner Press
Short Story: 56pgs
3 Pants Off

Kai O’Donnell hates Christmas. It’s not the blaring commercialism or the too-perky people. Being an interior designer, Kai can handle most people. But during Christmas, he has to deal with a man who gets under his skin like no other: Cade. Handsome—hand-me-a-towel-because-I’m-drooling-sexy—sarcastic Cade.

Cade Randall has been in love with Kai O’Donnell since setting eyes on the auburn-haired Native American. Falling back on his teenage habits, Cade picks on Kai every time they’re together. He wants Kai under his Christmas tree in nothing but a big red bow, his to keep forever, but Cade’s shenanigans may ruin something beautiful in the making.

Short Review
Kai hates going home for Christmas because Cade will be there for the holidays. Cade teases Kai every time they meet and they would end up bickering over the tiniest things. It doesn't help that Cade likes Kai and loves to tease his crush. Cade is afraid to confess his love because Kai may be not be gay. Will this year's Christmas bring a miracle?

Kai is a Native American interior designer and Cade is a bartender at a night club. They live in different states and only meet at Kai's family for Christmas. I want to know how they will make their relationship work in the long term, but the story is only focusing on how they stop fighting and become a couple.

Kai has insecurities about his adopted family. When pressure and sexual tension from Cade increased, Kai runs away and ends up hurting his family and Cade. Not a lot is known about Cade. His situation with a homophobic family is mentioned but his hobbies, skills, and personality is not as clear as Kai's.

This is a predictable, short Christmas read that I wish is longer and more fleshed out. The story line is simple without any tension. This is the perfect story if you like the hurt and comfort trope.

3 Pants Off

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