Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Kid Gloves by Anna Martin

Reviewed by Fehu
Kid Gloves by Anna Martin
Dreamspinner Press
Short Story: 96pgs
3 Pants Off

Alone in his East London shop, a man known only as Dalton makes living prosthetics: bionic, mechanical limbs, from leather, metal, and magic. It's to this little corner of the capital that Finn Croucher, an elite army marksman, travels after an accident leads to his hand being amputated.

While Dalton fashions Finn’s new hand and teaches him how to use it, he reveals some secrets long hidden, and he and Finn become lovers. But Finn must return to duty, and a string of letters becomes his only connection to the love he left in London.

Short Review
Dalton is quite an interesting character and he has whored himself for his knowledge. He slept with most of the people from whom he learned and now finality is at a stage, where he has perfected a craft and no longer needs to rely on others. Finn come from a Roma family and is an archer in the army, who has lost his hand. He wants a new hand and Dalton was recommended to him, but he finds himself surprised how he finds Dalton attractive.

The romance does progress pretty quick, considering this is a historical story and Finn is a virgin. For my taste they fell into bed a bit too quick, I like a slow burn romance. Here I find it a bit hard to believe, because of the social stigma in a historical setting that such a relation caries. The letters they exchanged were quite sweet and I liked the idea. A lot of their relationship happened in the letters and it's not what we are used in our modern interaction, but it was the thing to do in earlier times, so I loved that the story captured that!

Not a lot happens in that story, no great adventures and not a lot of drama, mostly this is a nice love story, with nice characters. The excitement and tension is something I missed here, but if you want a love story than you will be happy with this one, especially if you wish to take a break from tearjerker stories and melodramas.

3 Pants Off

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