Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Top Bidder by Sean Michael

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Top Bidder (Hammer #20) by Sean Michael
Torquere Press
Short Story: 49pgs
3 Pants Off

Kurt joined the staff as a waiter at the Hammer Club because he wanted a Master of his own. He’s shy, though, and just one boy among the many looking for that special someone to dominate them. In fact, he’s working the night of the Hammer’s Annual Christmas Auction when Master Marcus asks him to fill in for a sub stuck in traffic.

Master August noticed Kurt when he first started working at the Hammer, but hadn’t approached the boy, wondering if they were compatible. When he sees Kurt on the auction block, he figures it’s the perfect time to test out their chemistry without putting any pressure on either of them.

Will Kurt and August find what they’re looking for in each other? Find out in the Christmas Hammer tale.

This sweet, tender BDSM story was a quick, easy read. It was fun and easy story regarding this cute young man, Kurt. He’s just absolutely sweet as pie. He is so shy and innocent and yet he really wants to experience all that he sees at the club. But he wants it to special. Not some backroom hook-up.

Enter Master August; he’s had his eye on Kurt since he first started. He bids on and wins Kurt for the evening. He is so sure that Kurt is all that he wants and when they get together, it’s all that he dreamt of and more for both of them.

If you’ve read any of Sean’s Hammer stories, you’ll recognize a couple of previous characters that have brief cameos in this story. However, you don’t have to have read the prior books. As a standalone short story, it’s good. It was very much an insta-connection story. Not so much insta-love as it is so very short.

Overall, this is a good short story. The characters are developed enough that you get a brief insight into who they are. It flowed rather smoothly for such a short story. It was a sexy without being smutty and that made for a sweet little holiday story. Enjoy!!

3 Pants Off

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